Fozzy’s Chris Jericho Reflects On His Fear Of Losing His Voice

Losing their voice is undoubtedly most vocalists’ biggest fear. They all need to take special care of their vocal cords to ensure the continuation of their career. However, if you are both a musician and a wrestler, this task may sometimes be challenging. For Chris Jericho, too, his passion for both posed a significant problem, and the danger of losing his voice terrified him, as he revealed during his talk on the Everblack Podcast.

In September, the remaining dates of Fozzy’s previously announced summer/fall 2022 ‘Save The World’ tour were postponed due to a throat injury sustained by the band’s lead singer, professional wrestler Chris Jericho. Jericho sustained a bruised larynx at the AEW ‘Quake By The Lake’ tournament in Minnesota in August, where he competed against Jon Moxley.

“It’s scary because you don’t really know what the hell’s going on,” he said, remembering how scared he was during the treatment. “And then you start hearing it could be permanent. And what does that mean? What am I going through? And then you realize that it just takes time.”

He continued, “You’ve gotta start slow and work your way back up. And I didn’t realize that. I basically had to relearn how to sing, which I didn’t know I’d have to. I figured, ‘the larynx will get better, and then I’ll just be able to hit super-high notes again.’ And it doesn’t work that way. You’ve gotta glide your way up there and figure it out.”

The process of recovery was quite stressful for him. As he told the Everblack Podcast, what bothered him the most was the uncertainty of the process and not knowing what would happen in the end. During this process, he also had to relearn how to sing. After August, he received help to recalibrate his voice to restore it to its previous state. However, it didn’t turn out as badly as he thought, and as he revealed in the same interview, this treatment process also benefited the band’s overall sound.

They had begun to distribute vocal responsibilities, all of which had previously been undertaken by Jericho, to other band members. P.J. Farley, Billy Gray, and Rich Ward were all very supportive and very good at singing. Jericho also stated that this redistribution contributed to the band’s sound and brought them closer to the Def Leppard approach. With this new approach to singing, the band performed for the first time since Jericho’s injury in Manchester on November 4.