The Tragic End Of Tommy Bolin From Deep Purple

Tommy Bolin had a notable career as a guitarist even though he only lived for 25 years. He was born in 1951 to a happy couple and later dropped out of school to pursue his dreams of becoming a musician. Bolin’s father took him to an Elvis Presley concert when he was younger, which helped shape his desire to become a musician.

He first joined the band Zephyr and opened bands like Led Zeppelin with them. In 1973, the guitarist joined James Gang and began performing there. Two years later, the rocker replaced Ritchie Blackmore, who had just left Deep Purple, and continued his career there for a year until the band split in 1976. This was an opportunity for Bolin to continue solo, but the guitarist started touring with James Beck, opening for him until he died the same year.

How Did Tommy Bolin Die?

Drugs and alcohol are not unknown substances when it comes to living the life of a rockstar. So many musicians abuse these substances as if they are a crucial part of the genre itself. Unfortunately, rock and roll lost a lot of names to these harmful substances, and 25-year-old Tommy Bolin was just one of them.

Bolin supported the iconic musician Jeff Beck in 1976, and he was in his hotel room. His bandmates and girlfriend tried waking him up after seeing him unconscious, but the guitarist was not responding. Although paramedics tried to save him, Bolin had already passed away from multiple drug intoxication, including morphine, cocaine, lidocaine, and alcohol.

His funeral was held in St. Joseph’s Church in Sioux City, and he was buried in Calvary Cemetery. Even though he was only 25 years old, he established such a career that he was remembered even years after his death. Deep Purple reunited with the lineup Gillan, Lord, Blackmore, Glover, and Paice in 1984, eight years after the breakup.