The Tragedy Linkin Park’s Chester Bennington Kept As A Secret For Years


It’s sad to say that almost every person has his or her own tragedy and demon to go through and hunt down to move on his/her life without letting these things stop them. However, sometimes it’s too hard to face these challenging and past traumas so they cause serious addiction problems, creating various defense mechanisms for protection, which lead to isolation and loneliness in the end, and unfortunately suicide.

Even though he can be considered as one of the luckiest people in the world as Linkin Park’s frontman and successful musician, Chester Bennington suffered from one of the hardest tragedies that a person had to face and actually should never go through. The famous singer kept it a secret for years but he decided to reveal what happened to him in one of the previous interviews that he participated in which made his fans very devastated.

Chester Bennington Was A Victim Of Sexual Abuse


Chester Bennington was a son of a nurse and a police detective that worked on child abuse cases without knowing that his own child was a victim too for years. Bennington was sexually abused by an older male whom he called a friend when he was 7 years old. The abuse continued until he was 13 years old. He couldn’t tell anything to his father, who took his custody after his parents got divorced, because he was afraid of being labeled as ‘gay or liar’ when he couldn’t prove anything.

In Bennington’s words, he stated:

“It escalated from a touchy, curious, ‘what does this thing do’ into full-on, crazy violations. I was getting beaten up and being forced to do things I didn’t want to do. It destroyed my self-confidence. I didn’t want people to think I was gay or that I was lying. It was a horrible experience.”

After he opened up about the use, Bennington didn’t press any charges when he found out his abuser was a victim like himself. He also unveiled that he was getting beaten all the time when he was a teenager and he was alone all the time because his father had to work long hours as a detective. In addition, the singer talked about his abuser and tragic childhood for the first time in an interview in 2008.

Bennington added:

“It was an awful time. I hated everybody in my family: I felt abandoned by my mom, my dad was not very emotionally stable then, and there was no one I could turn to – at least that’s how my young mind felt.”

His words about this tragedy were considered as a brave act to inspire the kids that suffered from the same situation and to encourage them to speak up. Also, Bennington admitted that the constant physical and sexual abuses are the main reasons behind his severe alcohol and drug addiction. Using drugs and alcohol, unfortunately, turned into a safe haven for young Chester Bennington who was trying to deal with these problems alone. Thus, he became addicted to alcohol, marijuana, opium, cocaine, meth, and LSD until he decided to get rid of all of them.

The Linkin Park frontman’s longtime battle with addictions and childhood tragedies ended when he committed suicide by hanging on July 20, 2017. However, Chester Bennington will be always defined as a warrior and inspiration for the kids especially the victims of abuse about achieving their dreams despite these tragedies and challenges.