Sammy Hagar Says He’ll Cancel His Shows For A Tribute To Eddie Van Halen Any Day

In an interview with Kyle Meredith, former Sammy Hagar talked about what his response would be if he is asked to join any Eddie Van Halen tribute in the future, and apparently, he is ready to do whatever it takes to be a part of it.

As you may recall, the co-founder and renowned guitarist of Van Halen, Eddie sadly passed away on October 6, 2020, after his long battle with throat cancer. His beloved son Wolfgang Van Halen announced the tragic news of his father’s death with a statement on social media platforms.

Since the tragic loss of Eddie, there have been reunion rumors about Sammy Hagar and the rest of the Van Halen members on social media. Hagar even claimed that he had been trying to convince everyone, including David Lee Roth, to reunite prior to Eddie’s death. In a previous interview he joined, Sammy stated that doing a tribute show with the contribution of everyone, who loved Eddie dearly, is an absolute must.

Recently, the iconic vocalist joined a conversation with Kyle Meredith and talked about how he would react if he is invited to perform on a tribute show for Eddie Van Halen. During the interview, Hagar stated that the legacy of Eddie is actually his son Wolfgang and his brother Alex Van Halen‘s concern, therefore they are the ones who will decide how to tribute Eddie. Sammy added that whoever calls him and gives a date to do a show, he would cancel a show if necessary to join them.

However, Hagar mentioned that canceling a show was something that Van Halen would never do. He said that he was making jokes about this specific feature of the band since canceling a show was out of the question with Van Halen. Sammy stated that even when he was too sick to sing or Eddie was having health problems, they had never canceled a show. Yet, he added that he will ‘cancel his shows for a tribute to Eddie any day.’

Here is what Sammy Hagar stated about participating in any future tribute shows for Eddie Van Halen:

“I have nothing to do with the Eddie Van Halen legacy. That’s their business — that’s Wolfie, Alex Van Halen; they’re family members. Whoever wants to call me up and say, ‘Here’s the date,’ I will be there. I don’t care where I am. I’ll cancel a show if I need to.

That’s something Van Halen would never do. I always make that joke — canceling a show was out of the question with Van Halen. I went out sick without being able to sing, Eddie went out with a crutch, Alex went out with a fucking neck brace — we wouldn’t cancel shows. But I will cancel my show for a tribute to Eddie any day.”

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