Mötley Crüe’s Nikki Sixx Reflects On Failing His Kids As A Touring Father

Mötley Crüe bassist Nikki Sixx recently joined an interview with Fox News during which he opened up about the difficulties of being a touring father. Sixx admitted that he realized he failed his kids just like many people did.

Apart from being a successful musician, Nikki Sixx is also a father of five children. Sixx has three children from his marriage with the Playboy Playmate Brandi Brandt, one daughter from another Playboy Playmate and actress Donna D’Errico, and one daughter named Ruby with his wife Courtney Bingham.

As he is an author, rock star, and a person who is quite enthusiastic about working on various projects, it is no surprise that Nikki Sixx has some trouble spending time with his kids. Considering the time and effort which need to be spent on an album or a tour, it’s indeed challenging for the musician to make time for his family.

Recently, Sixx joined an interview with Fox News and he discussed the hardships of being a father who has to focus on several projects at the same time. He recalled the time he talked to his family therapist about the importance of being sober and a great parent. Apparently, he told the therapist that he got it right, but his therapist told him that he will eventually screw his kids up.

Following that, Sixx stated being in a rock and roll band equals touring all the time, and his kids grew up with a touring father. He approached his kids to talk about whether this was an issue, but they said they knew that he will eventually come home. However, Sixx stated that he realized we’re all going to fail our kids, so one needs to stick it out and keep working it out to make up for that.

In the interview by Fox News, Nikki Sixx said the following:

“You know, after I got clean years ago, I spent a lot of time digging into my life. And my family therapist told me something cool. I was talking to him about how important it is to be sober, being a great parent. I tell him, ‘I got it right.’ And he goes, ‘You will screw your kids up.’ I said, ‘But what do you mean?’ And he goes, ‘We all screw our kids up.’

I could look at my family and say, ‘Dad had a dream when he was a kid, and it came true.’ And that was to be in a rock ‘n’ roll band. And part of being in a rock ‘n’ roll band is touring. So my kids grew up with a touring father. That has to have caused some kind of damage. So we talked about it. And they’re like, ‘No dad, we understand that you always come back.’

But there’s something there. We are all going to fail our kids. We’re all going to fail in life in one way or another. So how do you make up for that? And that’s what I think the family unit is about. You gotta stick it out, man. You gotta stick it out, figure it out and keep working it out.

Currently, Nikki Sixx is working on a children’s book with his wife. In the book, the musician aims to teach children about cultural diversity with a little girl’s perspective who is traveling the world using her imagination.