David Crosby Believes The Protection Of Covid Vaccines And Targets Harshly Anti-Vaxxers

The Byrds frontman David Crosby took his official Twitter account to share new posts and revealed his thoughts about the coronavirus vaccine as well as the anti-vaxxers.

Crosby has been frequently active on social media especially after the coronavirus outbreak started, and this time, he responded to the anti-vaxxers tweets he got on Twitter.

Crosby said that he already took one shot of the coronavirus vaccine and said that he believes in these vaccines one hundred percent. In this way, he encouraged his followers to be vaccinated.

As Crosby pointed out that anti-vaxxers are a bunch of paranoids trying to convince each other that the government is still trying to steal their kidneys, he also showed his support for the coronavirus vaccines.

One of the Twitter users asked:

“Do you believe in COVID vaccines?”

Here is what David Crosby said:

“Of course I do… I took one… Truthfully. You have to be a room temperature IQ not to understand them and ascertain that it is the correct move.”

Crosby on anti-vaxxers:

“Have to say they are nuts… Anti-vaxxers… Bunch of paranoids still trying to convince each other the government is trying to steal their kidneys or some shit.”

You can check out the post below.