The Time Rolling Stones Fans Thought Keith Richards Died On Stage

There’s no doubt that the Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards is a living legend who still has an active music career at the age of 77, after surviving from an impressive number of deadly injuries most of which were hilarious accidents that could have potentially killed the iconic musician, however, Richards cheated death countless times and fans started to think he’s immortal at some point.

As many of you know, the list of injuries and catastrophic events Keith Richards survived from is incredibly long, starting from being a survivor of the London Bombings in 1944 with his mother when the iconic guitarist was only a baby. Making clear that he’s a trouble magnet right from the start of his life, Richards’ next challenge was strychnine poisoning while getting high which didn’t have a bad ending, yet, made his friends thinking he’s dead for a moment.

As well as poisoning himself occasionally, the Rolling Stones icon lived a few burning-to-death experiences such as the time when he forgot a lit cigarette when he was with his then-girlfriend Anita Pallenberg in bed, luckily, both survived from the fire. In addition to this, he lost his Redlands Estate home in 1973 after a tremendous house fire during which he was at home and managed to escape once again.

On top of surviving bombings, poisonings, and deadly fires, Keith Richards once broke his three ribs after slipping and falling while standing on a chair to reach a book and this wasn’t even the only time the legendary guitarist threatened his own life by falling from places as he fell out of a tree from several feet only to be left with a headache.

Despite the fact that the endless list of the incidents during all of which he cheated death, one of the most eccentric experiences of Keith Richards when it comes to facing death was the time when he was performing the famous Rolling Stones track, ‘The Last Time’ on December 3, 1965, at the Memorial Auditorium in Sacramento, California, in front of thousands of people.

During the performance, the neck of his guitar somehow touched his microphone stand which caused Keith Richards to be electrocuted, dropped to the ground, unconscious. After hearing the sound and the flames as well as the image of the iconic musician lying on the floor, many fans along with crew members instantly thought Richards was shot and killed.

He was rushed to the hospital with oxygen tubes and most likely survived thanks to the thick soles of his suede Hush Puppies shoes, which halted the electrical charge. Richards was surprisingly back onstage the next night, looking as healthy as ever with no harm done except for the burned guitar strings and losing consciousness.

Here is what attendee Mick Martin said about the incident:

“I literally saw Keith fly into the air backward. I thought he was dead. I was horrified. We all were.”

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