The Time Keith Richards Met Justin Bieber And Called His Music ‘Crap’


The Rolling Stones lead guitarist Keith Richards is undoubtedly one of the most influential and greatest guitar players of all time, however, it’s fair to say that he isn’t primarily known for getting along with other musicians let alone praising them, especially when it comes to pop stars about which he has countless bold statements during interviews.

According to a news published in Us Weekly, Keith Richards and famous pop star Justin Bieber had an unexpected and surprising encounter at the start of the new year back in 2015 as they both were on a vacation on the Caribbean island of Parrot Cay in Turks & Caicos which was one of the most peculiar meetings that music history has ever seen.

In the news, a source allegedly told the magazine that the two had a nervous conversation when they first met as the Rolling Stones guitarist asked Bieber who he was with a humiliating attitude, only to be asked the same question by Bieber himself. Impressed by this reaction, Richards invited him over to have a drink and that’s when things got a little awkward as Justin tried to bro down with the Rolling Stones icon, according to one witness, and Richards referred to the pop star as a ‘wannabe.’

While there’s this side of the story that is allegedly true, there are also claims that both Keith Richards and Justin Bieber had a good time and left things on a good note after a long conversation and exchanged numbers. Bieber reportedly called the evening the ‘best night ever,’ however, both allegations hadn’t been confirmed until the Rolling Stones guitarist’s interview in the same year.

During an interview with GQ back in 2015, Keith Richards opened up about his previous encounter with Justin Bieber and stated that he actually met him and he was very humble. While his fans were quite surprised to hear Richards admiring a famous pop star, his praising was just about that since the Rolling Stones icon also stated that his music is just a ‘load of crap.’

According to Metro, Keith Richards stated:

“Actually, I met this guy and found him quite humble, as he should be. His music? I mean it’s a load of crap isn’t it?”

Regardless of the fact that Keith Richards referred to Justin Bieber’s music as crap, it’s obvious for his fans that he didn’t completely hate Bieber which is surprising on its own since Richards oftentimes have the tendency to loath other musicians such as Bieber himself who is a pop icon and releases music of poor quality according to rock legends such as Keith himself.