The Three Singers Roger Daltrey Would Put Up Against Mick Jagger

The Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger has made his mark on the music scene with his androgynous showmanship. His energetic presence on the stage has made the Stones a must-see live act. If the Rolling Stones has consistently delivered good rock concerts, Jagger was one of the most significant factors with his fantastic charm. His onstage moves and singing style have significantly influenced the younger generation of musicians.

Although it is a very subjective topic, Mick Jagger generally finds a place at the top spots in the lists of the most extraordinary leads. His unique style is incomparable with any other artist for many music lovers. However, the Who’s Roger Daltrey still put forward some names against him while also giving his credit for being such an incredible frontman.

The Three Singers Who Can Compete With Mick Jagger, According To Roger Daltrey

Of course, being an influential frontman is not just pure singing ability. When added other elements, Mick Jagger has stood out as one of the most fantastic performers. It is hard to compare his style with any other lead singer, but Roger Daltrey still managed to come up with some names that can compete against the Rolling Stones frontman.

In a previous interview with the Coda Collection, Roger Daltrey firstly compared the styles of the two very influential bands, the Rolling Stones and the Beatles. The singer explained that both groups have great songs, yet comparing them can be meaningless since they belong to divergent formats. Thus, they both give different tastes to him.

Then, Daltrey talked about the effect of Mick Jagger’s incredible showmanship on the band’s style. He listed only three names against Jagger, James Brown, Jerry Lee, and Little Richard. However, he still puts Jagger in a different place and respects him greatly. Though these three brilliant musicians could perhaps live up to Jagger’s standards, Roger Daltrey thinks Mick Jagger is ‘the number one rock and roll performer.’

Roger Daltrey speaking on the three names he would put up against Mick Jagger:

“I know what Paul McCartney means. But the Stones have written some great songs, but they are in the blues. They are in that format. It’s like comparing cheese and apples. So they’re both very tasty, but the cheese does one thing, and the apple does another.

I’ve always thought that you cannot take away the fact that Mick Jagger is still the number one rock and roll show. The only other people I’d put up against him would be perhaps James Brown. Maybe Jerry Lee in his day, or Little Richard, but Mick Jagger, you’ve got to take your hat off. He’s the number one rock and roll performer.

But as a band, if you were outside a pub and heard that music coming out of a pub some nights, you’d think, ‘Well, that’s a mediocre pub band.’ No disrespect. You’re looking at me very patchy, but that music can. It’s part of its charm. Like I say. You have to see the Stones. I love them. I think they’re great entertainment.”

Although Roger Daltrey credited Mick Jagger for his incredible stage performances, he is not very fond of the Rolling Stones’ music. He didn’t intend to disrespect them but is still skeptical about the quality of their music. However, Daltrey thinks the Stones is a must-see live act.