The Story Of How Eddie Van Halen’s Picks Were Stolen By A Crew Member Is Revealed By His Former Guitar Tech

Late Van Halen guitarist Eddie Van Halen‘s former guitar tech Tom Weber revealed the time when Eddie’s picks were stolen by a crew member during an appearance on The Jeremy White Podcast, and apparently, they found out the person by setting up hidden cameras.

As many of you know, anything related to Van Halen members, especially to Eddie Van Halen, you can make money off of since there plenty of fans who are willing to pay any number the seller want even for a sweaty towel from a band member, therefore, a crew member stealing something small from a band member without they even notice is not unusual.

During a recent interview, guitar tech Tom Weber revealed that his team asked Eddie Van Halen to not throw guitar picks into the audience, and he agreed not to give away guitar picks anymore. That’s when Eddie’s picks became rarer and therefore more valuable. 

However, Weber started to see Eddie’s guitar picks being sold online for very expensive prices and became suspicious whether somebody is stealing them despite the fact that he’s carrying them around and taking care of them like babies.

Luckily, one day a video guy came up to Weber and revealed that he might know what happened to the guitar picks. The two installed a hidden camera and found out that a crew member sneaking up and taking a few of Eddie’s guitar picks while everybody was in dinner.

Here is what Weber said:

“Well, at one point it was brought to my attention that management was seeing these things being sold on eBay for three, four, five, $600 apiece. And where are these guitar picks coming from? Because obviously, the person selling them has multiple of them. And it’s like, ‘Okay, I don’t know what’s going on here, because I carry Ed’s guitar picks like a little old lady carrying her purse in the hood.’

This goes on and I’m kind of suspect. This isn’t good. And one day I’m sitting at dinner in catering and one of the video guys comes up to me and says, ‘I know where your guitar picks are going.’”

He added:

“We used to strike all the microphone stands to the drum riser, and there was a big scrim cloth that covered the drum riser. And then at the beginning of the show that would go straight up in the air. But all the microphone stands with all the picks on them would go on the drum riser and then the scrim would come down.

Well, the video guy informed me that nobody knew it, but that day he had installed a video camera pointing straight down at the drum set. And what he saw was one of the guys on the crew was waiting for everybody to go to dinner and then he’d sneak up there and take picks off Ed’s mic stand.”

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