The Rolling Stones Member Who Admitted Dating A 13-Year-Old


The rock world is filled with countless scandalous relationships, some of which are publicly known. The rockers are not just pushing the boundaries of music but they are also infamous for their love lives. Some of the affairs ended up with long-time marriages while the others ended with great disappointment.

Some famous relationships are shocking to all of us as they are based on controversial and sensitive issues. One of them was among the former Rolling Stones bassist Bill Wyman and the former pop singer and model Mandy Smith. Their relationship was at the focus of substantial media attention due to the 35-year age gap between them.

Bill Wyman Started Dating Mandy Smith When She Was 13


Bill Wyman and Mandy Smith met each other in the BPI Awards in 1984. When they met, Wyman was at the age of 47 while Smith was only 13 years old. They had a secret relationship for two and a half years until it became public when Mandy reached the age of 16, which was the legal age of consent in the UK.

When the relationship became public, it ignited a media firestorm. Bill Wyman was accused of exploitation and rape while Mandy Smith was depicted as both the seducer and also a victim of sexual abuse. Smith’s mother was also accused of exploiting her daughter for her own benefit.

Bill Wyman And Mandy Smith Married in 1989


Despite the public uproar, Wyman and Smith married in 1989 when she was 18. However, their marriage didn’t go well, and they divorced just two years later. Mandy Smith was traumatized and had to cope with some problems with her mental and physical health.

Later on, Mandy surprisingly didn’t charge her ex-husband and stated that she doesn’t think of their relationship as sexual abuse in an interview with The Mail on Sunday. She also said that there is a different approach to these kinds of issues these days but she doesn’t think that their affair was wrong.

Here are Mandy Smith’s words on her controversial relationship with Bill Wyman:

“People aren’t as protective of celebrities nowadays and if this had happened recently I think Bill would have ended up in prison. I can’t think of it as child abuse. If I did I wouldn’t have been able to move on. But I’m reminded of it on a regular basis. Things I hear on TV about young girls, different scenarios with older men, rape… But he fell in love with me so I can’t look at it as sordid or wrong.”

In 2019, Bill Wyman released a documentary named ‘The Quiet One,’ which includes unseen photos, videos, and materials from his entire career. In the documentary, Wyman opened up about his relationship with Mandy Smith for the first time and said that it was a mistake to marry her.

Bill Wyman didn’t seem to regret the relationship, all he regretted was the marriage they had. Wyman revealed that he assumed the marriage could work but it was merely an illusion. Bill highlighted that Mandy was too young for him at the time and didn’t have enough life experience.

Here is how Bill Wyman explained his regret for marrying Smith:

“I was really stupid to ever think it could possibly work. She was too young. I felt she had to go out and see life for a bit.”

Mandy Smith seems to be right on her assumption that their relationship would be much more scandalous if it had happened today. We are living in the age of the Me Too movement and people are more protective when it comes to anything closely related to sexual abuse which is why Bill Wyman most probably would have received harsher criticism today.