The Rolling Stones’ Keith Richards Recalls His Most Embarrassing Public Moment


The Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards revealed some exciting details about himself in the BBC Series ‘My Life As A Rolling Stone’ and admitted the most embarrassing thing he experienced was going to the cinema to watch a movie.

In today’s rock music scene, the Rolling Stones is one of the bands in the spotlight. The band’s formation dates back to 1962, making them one of the most popular and enduring bands of the rock’s mainstream era. Despite their ages, the Stones are still eager to define what it’s like to rock and roll.

Keith Richards achieved global fame as the Stones’ guitarist and co-principal songwriter. His songwriting partnership with the rock icon Mick Jagger is still among the most successful partnerships ever. Due to his talented musicianship, Richards is an important figure in the scene.

Although he is the guitarist of one of the most renowned rock bands, Keith Richards is an introvert. Moreover, his heavy substance abuse also contributed to this. According to The Doobie Brothers’ Patrick Simmons, Richards’ heavy drinking and drug use had a big part in his introverted personality.

During the second episode of ‘My Life As A Rolling Stone,’ Keith Richards stated that he was shy of crowds and couldn’t go to a cinema because he felt so embarrassed. He recalled his drug experience, saying he took heroin to deal with fame and pressure.

In the second episode of ‘My Life As A Rolling Stone,’ Keith Richards said the following:

“I guess in a way you get shy of things, crowds, and stuff, because I mean I can’t go to a movie, to a cinema anymore. Sometimes when I have, I’ve never felt more embarrassed in my life. I’ve ruined the whole movie for everybody, right? I get shy in that situation, you know? And that comes with fame and all of that crap.”

He then continued, commenting on his drug use:

“I think I was taking heroin to deal with fame and pressure, and it’s one way to run away. I wouldn’t recommend it to anybody. But then again, it’s a personal choice, and I don’t know, it’s a rough old world, and sometimes you need something to blank it out. And it probably ain’t worth the ride.

So, it appears Keith Richards is an introvert even though he is constantly in the spotlight with the Stones. Moreover, when it comes to drugs, Richards doesn’t recommend using them to anybody.