The Rivalry Between Oasis And Blur: Who Became The Ultimate Britpop Band?

In the mid-1990s United Kingdom, alternative rock was the most famous music genre while the United States was enjoying grunge music. This cultural and musical movement was referred to as ‘Britpop,‘ and it was best represented by four bands, with Blur and Oasis being the main ones that gave life to the genre.

Although many Britpop artists disbanded or moved towards new genres during the late 1990s, the legendary chart battle between Oasis and Blur, known as ‘The Battle of Britpop,’ in 1995 was the biggest highlight of the movement. Let’s see who won this music battle and which one was named as the greatest Britpop band of all time.

Was Oasis Or Blur The Biggest Britpop Band Of All Time?

The rivalry between two British bands began when they both started to gain recognition in the mid-1990s, with Blur receiving four awards during the 1995 Brit Awards and Oasis having a single named ‘Some Might Say’ that reached No. 1 on the charts. It was pretty clear that one of them could be the greatest Britpop band and the competition got very heated.

There’s no doubt that Oasis enjoyed winning the battle of Britpop, sweeping all the awards and charts as well as expanding their music to the United States in the following years. Although both bands are inactive now, they had their prime time competing for one another, even if it was a short time.