The Revolution’s Bobby Z. Says Prince Would Pile Challenges On Nightly

Prince’s backup band, The Revolution, member Bobby Z. recently addressed working in high-stress conditions with Prince. He stated that the star used to put challenges on the group constantly and expected them to overcome them.

Since Prince was one of the most influential artists of his generation, his death has saddened everyone worldwide. His songs, flamboyant style, and unique personality have let him gain love from all over the world. He has been active since 1975 and passed away in 2016. His long-term contribution to the industry gave him an audience of many generations.

There was a lot of pressure and stress underneath his incredible shows and performances. During the concerts and rehearsals with his backup band, The Revolution was a stressful venture. The drummer of The Revolution, Bobby Z., recently spoke about this stress and how Prince gave them challenges all the time.

It was shocking to see that he admitted there wasn’t any fun while working with Prince. Because the star was a perfectionist, their stress levels were high. He presented their challenges every day, and the shows and the rehearsals were like going to school.

The band’s keyboardist Matt Fink continued by stating that Prince cared a lot about preparations, and if a musician didn’t prepare for those rehearsals, they would get in trouble and practice as the rest of them took a break.

Here are Bobby Z.’s words about Prince’s high-stress techniques:

“Fun. Now, there’s a word. Could playing with Prince ever be enjoyable? Describing him as a perfectionist is like saying that he ‘had a bit of a thing’ for the color purple, so how were the stress levels? Prince put the pressure on himself, too, so you had to rise to his level.

So we just rose to that level the best we could to keep up with him emotionally and spiritually. I mean, he would pile challenges on nightly. It comes as no surprise to learn that the shows were high-stress occasions, but rehearsals weren’t exactly a walk in the Paisley Park either.”

Matt Fink continued:

“You had to be prepared. Do your homework, listen to the songs at home as much as possible and be ready to play them perfectly. On the first day of rehearsal, other than changing arrangements or adding parts, he just wanted you to know the recorded version well. And if you didn’t, you got in trouble.

That happened to me when I came to rehearsal unprepared, and he just dismissed everybody and said, ‘Okay, Matt. You get to work on the songs for a while while we take a break.'”

In 1979, Prince assembled the Revolution to be his backup band. They broke up in 1986, reunited in 2012, and again in 2016 after Prince’s death. They are still active as a band, and they are performing Prince’s songs live as a band to continue his legacy and make sure the world gets more of Prince for a long time.