The Red Hot Chili Peppers Album That Anthony Kiedis Called ‘Troubled Time’


Red Hot Chili Peppers was founded by Anthony Kiedis, Flea, Hillel Slovak, and Jack Irons in 1983. Although Slovak and Irons did not contribute to the self-titled album, they worked on the following records. However, following Slovak’s passing in 1988, Irons left the band once again. John Frusciante and Chad Smith joined the band filling the spaces for guitar and drums.

They initially appeared in the fourth studio album entitled ‘Mother’s Milk,’ and Frusciante’s influence on the band’s melody and rhythm started becoming apparent. Later, he and Smith became a part of the band’s first major commercial success with the 1989 record ‘Blood Sugar Sex Magik,’ to which Frusciante contributed with his melodic songwriting.

However, as John Frusciante could not cope with their immediate popularity, he left the band following this album. His departure significantly affected his bandmates, but they continued working on new projects. RHCP released ‘One Hot Minute’ in 1995 without Frusciante, which became one of Anthony Kiedis’s least favorite albums.

Anthony Kiedis Was Not Satisfied With ‘One Hot Minute’


RHCP reached a wide audience following the release of ‘Blood Sugar Sex Magik,’ which brought them instant commercial success. The album reached number 3 on the Billboard 200 chart in the US and included hit singles such as ‘Give It Away’ and ‘Suck My Kiss.’ However, John Frusciante began to face challenges dealing with such popularity as he wanted to appeal to a smaller audience.

The guitarist realized that his increasing fame was not in line with his life view. He refused to take the stage for the performance at Tokyo’s Club in 1992 and parted ways with the band. Dave Navarro from Jane’s Addiction joined the band and filled his place in the album ‘One Hot Minute,’ released in 1995. The album did not receive as many positive reviews as ‘Blood Sugar Sex Magik,’ and Anthony Kiedis apparently agreed with those critics.

During a 2002 interview with Rolling Stone, Kiedis stated that he could get used to Frusciante’s leaving if he wasn’t constantly reminded of his absence. Seeing Navarro or hearing someone call ‘One Hot Minute’ their favorite record would trigger the frontman as he’d remember Frusciante’s departure. The vocalist noted that this album was recorded during a troubled time‘ for him, as he was suffering from personal problems and trying to figure out how they could continue without John.

Anthony Kiedis said the following when asked about John Frusciante’s leaving the band:

“I could forget that he had ever been gone. But, I mean, I get reminded of it all the time. I’ll run into Dave Navarro out in front of a restaurant, or some kooky kid will come up to me on the streets of San Francisco and say, ‘Oh, I love ‘One Hot Minute.’ That was my favorite.’ And I’m like, ‘Really?'”

Kiedis added when asked if the album was his favorite:

“‘One Hot Minute?’ It was a troubled time for me.

Following Dave Navarro’s departure, John Frusciante reunited with the band. He contributed to the band’s improving style by becoming a part of the 1999 album ‘Californication.’ The album was their most significant commercial success selling more than 16 million copies internationally.