The Reason Lemmy Kilmister Lived In A Two-Room Apartment Almost All His Life

Lemmy Kilmister as the lead singer and bassist of Motörhead made a significant impact on the heavy metal scene with his singing and fashion style. His bass playing also made him a unique artist with the distorted sounds he created. Besides being influenced by The Beatles, he worked for Jimi Hendrix as a technician on his tour bus. After his four years with Hawkwind, Lemmy joined Motörhead, the band he gained considerable attention for forty years.

Besides his music career, Lemmy did not stand back to share his social and political views from a philosophical perspective. His private life was also talked about as he adopted rock and roll as a lifestyle. Kilmister was enjoying drugs and alcohol; in other words, he was living fast. Another interesting topic about his life was that he lived in a modest apartment until his death, although he was a successful rocker.

Why Did Lemmy Kilmister Live In a Modest Apartment?

Living as a rock star made Lemmy Kilmister feel content without buying luxury cars and having mansions. While he was spending time with bikers, things other than the lifestyle he had adopted did not interest him. People have always questioned why he had never had a house as other celebrities had. It was about him bringing his philosophical view to life.

Apparently, Lemmy did not feel close to a life full of luxury with the latest model cars and houses with swimming pools. He preferred to live in a modest apartment close to his favorite place named ‘Rainbow Bar and Grill.’ His decision was related to his philosophy of life. According to him, life is too short to think about having extravagant things when you could live to the fullest. Living in a small two-room apartment was linked to this way of viewing life.

Lemmy lived life according to his point of view in a small apartment with lots of belongings related to his mindset and rock music. The rocker impressed countless people worldwide with his unique style in his music career and his philosophical attitude towards life. Besides the music he created, he also showed how he adopted the lifestyle of living like a rock star. He became an unforgettable person with his singularity no matter how much time passed since his death.