The Reason Geddy Lee Felt Closer To Alex Lifeson Than Neil Peart

Hats off to the three members of Rush for staying friends after going their separate ways in the industry. This is not easy to achieve when all we hear are stories about disputes, arguments, and lawsuits. It’s pretty refreshing to hear that some bands made it and came out on the other side. This doesn’t mean they were joined at the hip with one another, but it was an overall peaceful friendship. However, apparently, Geddy Lee was closer to Alex Lifeson than Neil Peart. If you want to know more about the trio’s relationship, keep reading.

During the height of their fame or when they were just starting out in the industry, the guys were mainly on the same page. Even if there were disagreements, naturally, as they were three individual musicians, they still managed to figure out their differences without breaking the tight-knit bond they created with each other.

The trio was always close, but it turns out Lee had a tighter relationship with Lifeson. In Lee’s interview with Paul Semel in 1996, the musician shared that he spent his free time with Alex, while he didn’t get to hang out with Neil when they were off work. Geddy recalled, “When we’re not on tour or recording, we have very separate lives. Alex and I try to get together once a week for tennis, golf, or something stupid like that. Neil? I don’t see him at all when we’re not working.”

The bassist continued to explain the backstory of their relationship, saying, “I’ve known Alex since I was fourteen years old; he’s like my brother. Or a weird cousin. He’s family to a large degree. And even though we’re close with Neil, and I’ve known him for twenty-two years now, we didn’t hang out together when we were fifteen. When you have friends from back then, it’s always a little different. He’s still the new guy.”

Nothing seemed alarming regarding their dynamics, as Lee and Lifeson having a closer relationship all trickled down to their years of being friends when they were teens and growing up together. In the grand scheme of things, the trio had a solid friendship.

Even when Rush originally disbanded in 2018, it was an emotional rollercoaster, but there weren’t any bad feelings for one another at the end of the day. After the separation, they didn’t talk for a few months, but they caught up with each other when Geddy and Alex flew to Neil’s home to hang out.

After Neil Peart’s devastating passing in 2020, Rush decided to end the band once and for all, as there was no point in continuing without their partner in crime for all of those years. That’s how much love and respect they had for the legendary drummer. As the years have passed, the guys have kept in touch; Lee even described his relationship with Lifeson as a close friendship that he has only with the guitarist. So it’s pretty apparent that the two former bandmates still care deeply for each other while they move on their separate journeys in life.