The Pink Floyd Song That David Gilmour Credits Roger Waters For Seeing Its Huge Potential


A rare interview of Pink Floyd co-founder and guitarist David Gilmour surfaced just a couple of days ago in which the iconic star explained why ‘Wish You Were Here’ has achieved such success while revealing that it was Roger Waters who that this song was a potential hit.

Pink Floyd is without a doubt one of the most influential bands in rock history, and they are often credited as the pioneers of progressive rock due to their sonic experimentations, philosophical lyrics, extended compositions, and astonishing live shows. Aside from these, the band is also known for the unending feud between Roger Waters and David Gilmour.

While their personal relationship has been quite troubled, the duo has never shied away from crediting each other when needed. In a recently surfaced interview which was done back in 2001, David Gilmour talked about the sentimental value of ‘Wish You Were Here’ and the writing process of it.

As you may know, ‘Wish You Were Here’ was released as the title track of the band’s ninth studio album in 1975. While the riff was David Gilmour’s idea, it was apparently Roger Waters who convinced him that they should work together to create a song. Due to its emotional lyrics, mostly written by Waters, the song is often considered to be a tribute to Syd Barrett but this has been refuted.

In the documentary ‘The Story of Wish You Were Here’ Waters had said that he wrote most of the lyrics in a conversation with himself and stated that the main topic of the song is for a person to be present in their own lives and pursue self-freedom to truly experience life. On the other hand, Gilmour had said that he always thinks of Syd Barrett when performing the song.

In the recently surfaced interview, Gilmour says that every time he performs ‘Wish You Were Here,’ he still feels the emotional depth of the song, as it is a ‘very good combination of music and words that seems to capture something.’ Later, he described that something as a ‘little bit of magic‘ that some riffs have naturally that creates an ‘emotional pool,’ which is what all songwriters strive for.

David Gilmour shared his thoughts about ‘Wish You Were Here’ with the following words:

“My performances of  ‘Wish You Were Here’ still number in sort of three or four hundred, I suppose is another 1000s that some people do. But it still resonates, it still has its meaning and it means that to me every time I sing it, it’s brilliant. It’s a very good combination of music and words that seems to capture something.”

And the interviewer asked:

“Does performing something like that bring back the moment of creating it in a way?”

To which David Gilmour responded:

“I remember the moment of creating it quite often. I’d play that in the control room of Abbey Road Studio 3 and it’s just something I’d been strumming at home and Roger immediately said, ‘What’s that, what is it?’ and we had to sort of immediately get on with that and work it up and write the rest of the music.

You know, one bit of riff from another bit of riff, there are hundreds of different ways you can do something, almost the same as that but some work and some have a little bit of magic to them, and it’s, and some don’t.

The ones that do have that bit of magic to them, it’s obvious to people around.  Even just that piece of music has an emotional pool to it. That’s what we’re struggling to find all the time.”

You can have a look at the rare interview below.