The Only Woman The Managed To Bring David Lee Roth’s Out Of His Shell


David Lee Roth is known to be one of the quirkiest and weirdest musicians in the rock scene and although he’s been quite vocal about his experiences both in and out of the rock scene, not much is known about his psyche. Furthermore, his hysterical behavior has often raised questions about his mental health.

However, there are a lot of people who’ve said that his unstable behavior, energy bursts, and hysterical laughs are all just an act and that he’s just playing a persona. In fact, his Van Halen rival Sammy Hagar has argued that he’s not authentic and just performs even in his everyday life.

Nonetheless, there has been one person in David Lee Roth’s life who claims that she’s managed to get to meet the real Diamond Dave under all his laughs, quirky habits, and weird reactions. Today we’re going to shed some light on who Roth really is and understand one of his biggest insecurities.

How Is David Lee Roth As A Person?


This is probably a question that not even his close friends or bandmates can answer as it is widely known that David Lee Roth has built a big wall which he preserves while in front of the camera. If you watch Diamond Dave’s interviews, you’ll see that the rockstar often uses the same sentences and finds a way to bring the conversation exactly where he wants.

Aside from being quirky, Roth is also very stubborn and definitely clever. His hysterical laugh often confuses the second party so much that he uses that confusion to say what he wants. Martha Quinn, one of MTV’s original video jockeys, interacted with David Lee Roth quite regularly, and being a young woman in the rock scene, she had made it her mission to break Roth.

Quinn really believed that she could get Dave to open up but this ended up being much more difficult than she’d anticipated. Quinn said that anyone could interview Roth because no matter what you asked him, he would always respond with whatever it was he wanted to say. However, one day she managed to ask the right question.

During an interview, Martha Quinn recalled the day she managed to see the real Roth:

“Honestly, my glasses could interview David Lee Roth, because he had this whole theory; ‘Let them ask what they wanna ask and I’ll say whatever it is that I want to say.’ David could give a good interview to anybody and get across what he wanted to get across because he knew just what he wanted to do and the image that he wanted to portray no matter who was sitting there.”

However, one day the following happened:

“I asked him something about, ‘Do you have a girlfriend or significant other.’ I forget exactly what my question was but he told me that he’d actually never been in love, but had hoped to one day. That kind of zipped past me… but later I watched the interview and I go, ‘Oh my God, that probably was the most real that I’ve ever seen Dave be with me.”

That was the point when Martha Quinn realized that she’d asked the right question. Dave is known for his active sex life, sexy style, and numerous adventurous relationships. Nonetheless, it seems like the concept of being in love was a tough one for him and I’m pretty sure that Quinn later regretted not picking up on his sincerity so that she could ask a follow-up question.