The Only Thing Tommy Lee Hates About Mötley Crüe Fans

When you are a worldwide-known rocker, it is not a surprise that you sometimes feel overwhelmed with fans’ demands. You can be tired, feeling ill, having a terrible headache, or not in the mood for taking pictures and signing autographs. Moreover, some die-hard fans might invade your private space, wait at your door for hours to see you, or interrupt your family dinner at an inappropriate time.

These encounters might end up with a furious rock icon and a frustrated fan. The drummer of the Mötley Crüe, Tommy Lee, is in the spotlight as a popular figure in the scene not only for his musicianship but also for his relationships and antics. As it seems, he also has something to hate about the Crüe fans. Let’s see what caused Tommy Lee to have such frustration.

Tommy Lee Hates Taking Pictures With Fans

In 2012, Tommy Lee issued a now-deleted statement on Mötley Crüe’s Facebook page. In the statement, Lee stated that he loves his fans so much. However, Lee added that he had one problem: taking pictures. Lee noted that he hates it when someone says he owes this to his fans. According to the drummer, he doesn’t owe anybody anything, and he is not here to take pictures with fans but to entertain them.

Tommy Lee then said nobody put him where he is now but him. He stated that the fans might have inspired him with their love, but he succeeded with lots of hard work, practice, talent, and luck. Lee then questioned whether there was a need to take a picture with him. He said he would say hello or shake hands with someone he admires instead of taking pics. Moreover, the drummer said the ‘situation’ is essential, and fans should approach him appropriately.

As reported by The Hollywood Reporter, Tommy Lee’s statement read:

“I f*cking love my fans, and you know this! If you asked anyone that knows me really well, they would tell you the same thing: ‘Tommy loves his fans. He lives for this sh*t. He eats, breaths, sh*ts music 24/7.’ They’ll also probably tell you that he’s a down-to-earth, grateful, life-loving dude, and a nice guy too.

What I have a problem with is taking pictures! I hate it! Irritates the f*ck out of me when people say, ‘You owe it to your fans; they put you where you are,’ etc.! I certainly don’t owe anybody anything! When I bought all my Led Zeppelin records and concert tickets, I didn’t say, ‘One day these f*ckers are gonna owe me a picture…’ It’s the least they can do for me!

What the f*ck, people? You don’t admire something so that it can give back. You just cherish it! And to those who say, ‘You should be grateful that people want to take your picture, maybe one day they won’t want it!’ That day can’t come soon enough! By the way, I’m not here to take pictures with you; I’m here to entertain you!

Nobody put me where I am but me! They may have helped inspire me with their love for what I do, but I put myself right here where I want to be with a lot of hard work, practice, talent, luck, etc. What I do owe myself, and others is being the best I can be! And that’s making great music, being a good man, father, lover, and human being! We all owe that kinda stuff to ourselves and each other.”

He then continued:

“People, do we really need a silly picture? For what bragging rights? Really? Who f*cking cares! Someone is not gonna believe you if you don’t have the proof pic? Then f*ck them! I’d never go up to someone that I admired and bug them for a picture! Why? I might say a quick hello, maybe a handshake? I don’t know. It depends on the ‘situation.’

Most people never consider the ‘situation.’ That’s really important… You wouldn’t want a handshake standing at the pisser in the men’s bathroom next to me, would you? And yes, that’s happened to me too. Or when you’re eating a nice quiet meal with your family, some rude jackass comes up and asks for a picture! You can’t even imagine what kind of crazy has happened to me.

I understand the excitement and all, but just take a second and think… ‘Is this cool right now?’ It’s called ‘consciousness,’ it’s the quality or state of being aware of an external object or something within oneself. Be conscious. So like I said, the fastest way to get me to leave is to whip out a camera! Maybe just say hello, and I’ll probably take you home with me! Well, I’d have to ask my girlfriend first! Hah!”

As it seems, Tommy Lee has grown so much tired from taking pictures with fans that he felt the need to reach out to the Crüe fans to express this. So, he expects his fans not to approach him for a picture but for a handshake or a quick chat at appropriate times.