Post Malone Says He Asked Kurt Cobain’s Daughter Frances’ Permission To Cover Nirvana

During a recent appearance on the Howard Stern Show, Post Malone explained that he went to Kurt Cobain’s daughter, Frances, to get her permission to cover Nirvana songs.

Before many bands or artist get their big break, they start somewhere playing covers before coming up with their original material. Nirvana is among the most covered rock acts of all time, thanks to the band’s everlasting legacy and impact. Their music influenced not just rock bands but a diverse list of artists from various genres. While some offered faithful versions of Nirvana songs, others added something new to them.

Post Malone also performed a Nirvana tribute concert by live streaming on YouTube in April 2020. The show raised more than $500,000 for coronavirus relief. Malone delivered 15 songs from the band during an 80-minute set, including some Nirvana classics like ‘Come As You Are,’ ‘Heart-Shaped Box,’  and ‘About a Girl.’ Guitarist Nick Mack, bassist Brian Lee, and drummer Travis Barker of Blink-182 joined Malone during the performance.

Post Malone revealed during his latest appearance that he asked late Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain’s daughter Frances’ permission to cover Nirvana tracks since he wanted to ensure everything was okay for the late singer’s family. Malone also said that Cobain has always been a significant figure and inspiration in his music career. He was relieved when he got her blessing. The singer is happy that they could contribute to a good cause and have a chance to play these iconic songs.

Post Malone’s words on his Nirvana tribute concert:

We went to Kurt’s daughter. It was important to me because I love Kurt so much, and he has been such an inspiration to me musically. I could never want to offend anybody by trying to show support, so I just wanted to make sure everything was okay. It was okay, and we raised money for a good cause, and we got to play some of the most f*cking epic songs ever.”

You can watch the rest of the conversation below.