Liam Gallagher Addresses His ‘Embarrassing’ Tribute To Noel Gallagher

On the first night of the 30th-anniversary tour for ‘Definitely Maybe,’ Liam Gallagher dedicated ‘Half The World Away’ to his brother Noel. However, the tribute got comments about how ’embarrassing’ it was. Recently, Liam took to X to address these comments.

When an Oasis fan page on X shared footage of Liam mentioning his brother on stage during the song, a user commented:

“Getting embarrassing now.”

Liam replied with:

“And you can be quiet as well you spunkbubble.”

‘It Was Boring’

Another user claimed it was boring, saying:

“This is so tedious and boring as f*ck, wish he would just get on with it and stop going on about Noel, he’s happy to sing all his songs though.”

When an Oasis fan responded by supporting Liam’s words and slamming the hater, the same user responded:

“Maybe he should sing his own Oasis tunes for a change and stop moaning about the guy who wrote them.”

This time, Liam stepped in to say:

“I’ve told you to zip it.”

Did Noel Join The Show?

The Gallagher brothers had a bit of back-and-forth in 2023 about possibly getting back together earlier.

The tour kicked off on June 1 at the Utilita Arena in Sheffield. In addition to ‘Half The World Away,’ Liam continued his show with an unexpected cover of ‘Lock All the Doors.’

‘Lock All the Doors’ is more associated with Noel Gallagher’s ‘High Flying Birds.’ It was on their second album, ‘Chasing Yesterday,’ in 2015. However, the song goes back to the Oasis days. The chorus was part of a demo tape back in 1992, and Noel struggled for years to finish the verse after giving part of it to the Chemical Brothers for a different song.

Although Liam covered one of his brother Noel’s songs during the set, Noel wasn’t there even as a part of the audience.