The Only Thing Alice Cooper Hates About New Generation Rock Bands

Alice Cooper is a musician who has been in the rock scene for over 50 years. Known as ‘The Godfather Of Shock Rock,’ Cooper was inspired by horror films, vaudeville, and garage rock to create his theatrical stage performances, which are designed to shock the audience. The musician’s stage shows mainly include various props and stage illusions, such as pyrotechnics, electric chairs, reptiles, fake blood, guillotines, creepy baby dolls, and dueling swords.

The rocker is one of the first artists who introduced horror imagery to rock and roll, and his stage shows and showmanship helped transform the heavy metal genre. So, as a successful musician and a talented entertainer, Cooper is indeed an important figure in the music scene. As it turns out, there is one thing that the 74-year-old musician hates about the new generation rock acts considering their musicianship. Let’s learn what Cooper said about those bands.

Alice Cooper Thinks That Young Rock Bands Are Very Introverted

In a 2017 interview with KSHE 95’s John and Lern, Alice Cooper shared his insights about the young rock bands. As a musician and entertainer who isn’t afraid to do ‘shocking’ things on the stage, Cooper seems to think that these rock bands are pretty introverted and fearful of being outlaws on the stage. He told KSHE that this issue concerns him as he wanted to show off his talents when he got on the stage at a young age.

Moreover, Cooper said the new generation rock bands seem to be very introverted about showing off. He then recalled that at the time when he, Guns N’ Roses, Mötley Crüe, and Aerosmith emerged in the music scene, they had to compete with Mick Jagger, one of the most iconic frontmen in the rock music history, and as Cooper said, ‘the king of swagger.’ The musician then said this is why he always tried to do his best to give the audience a great show.

In the interview by KSHE 95, Alice Cooper said the following:

“It concerns me that even the rock bands that are out there are very introverted. The young rock bands don’t wanna be outlaws – they don’t have any swagger on stage. I mean, if I was 18 years old and I’m in a rock band, I would wanna show my stuff up there! Young bands seem to be very introverted about that.

You know, Guns N’ Roses, Mötley Crüe, Alice Cooper, Aerosmith… We came up in an age when you had to compete with Mick Jagger. And Mick Jagger was the king of swagger. That’s the way I’ve always looked at it.

Give the audience a great show. You’re in the most exciting music in the world, give them a show! And that just doesn’t seem to exist with young bands. I don’t get it. I think that it will be a retro thing. I think young bands will start getting tired of being introverted.”

Although it remains unknown whether any of those new rock music acts can come close to the stage shows of Cooper in terms of their shocking their audience, Cooper apparently thinks that rock music is among the most exciting genres, and it should be represented on the stage with a great show.