The Only Kylie Minogue Song That Was Categorized As ‘Soft Rock’

When Miley Cyrus took off her wig, smeared her makeup a bit, and walked out of her Hannah Montana character that scored her a worldwide reputation and made her a familiar face in the industry, people didn’t know what to expect. It surely upset most of her younger fans, who weren’t ready to meet a different side of Miley.

The industry was also confused because the Hannah Montana franchise brought them millions of dollars through selling merchandise and TV appearances. Cyrus’ radio-friendly pop tunes also often topped charts, making a nice few bucks. However, the singer was determined to change and didn’t mind reinventing her reputation.

She switched genres from pop to rock, leaving her sweet and catchy PG melodies for a rock-oriented raw sound. The rocker didn’t mind the fuss she created as criticism from old fans and the rock scene surely was challenging. Still, over time, Cyrus proved to most who doubted her that she was all in for rock, and it wasn’t just a phase, releasing a rock album and often covering raging rock anthems on her shows.

However, when it comes to Kylie Minogue, you don’t expect to see a reinventing Miley Cyrus-type origin story about switching genres and leaving her established pop sound behind. On the contrary, Minogue excels in what she does, making quite the scene in the early 00s with her chart-topping hits and creating tunes that people couldn’t get out of their heads.

Still, this didn’t change the fact that one of her songs was recognized as soft rock by a modest Spotify playlist that might take you on a ride for nostalgia. The list in question was ‘Soft 80s,’ and the creators decided to add the Australian singer’s ‘Tears On My Pillow‘ among other soft rock anthems from Don Henley and U2.

Minogue covered the track from the soul band Little Anthony, making things even more interesting. So, to summarize things for you a bit, the occasion here is that an original soul track was covered by a pop artist and made into a soft rock playlist. Not so complex… right?

One might also easily disagree by saying that Spotify playlists originated from the personal choices of its creators and the fact that Kylie’s song was added to the list won’t necessarily make it ‘rock.’ You certainly have a point, though; it still won’t change the fact that the tune fits perfectly with the rest of the songs and not makes one question what it might be doing there.

So, although Minogue never switched genres as Cyrus did, the singer nonetheless covered a soul song that made its way into a modest soft rock playlist, thus categorizing ‘Tears On My Pillow’ as the only soft rock song Kylie ever did in her discography.