The One Lesson Kid Rock Learned From Limp Bizkit

The behind-the-scenes of touring differs from artist to artist, as working for some might not be the most pleasant experience while working with others might be the best thing to happen to anyone who has been a crew member before. Although fans come to see their favorite bands on stage, the preparation and continuation of the live shows are ensured by the roadies, who are there to make the process smoother.

However, the value and importance of roadies aren’t always recognized by artists, sometimes because of their high-stress level, tiredness on the road, or their straight-out indifference to those who provide the necessary help for them to have a good show.

That’s why when artists get to experience the behind-the-scenes relationship of other musicians with their fellow roadies, it’s always a good call to take note of how to treat those who make their living on the road. The outspoken rocker Kid Rock also had a say on this matter.

Kid Rock is known to be one of the most straightforward musicians on the rock scene, and he has never hesitated to share his experiences with his fans. While speaking to Rolling Stone magazine in 2015, he made a surprising remark about the way Limp Bizkit treated their roadies and exclaimed that he would never do the same thing.

“I always told my band, ‘You see how Limp Bizkit treats their roadies and sh*t? We don’t do that,’” explained the rocker, who had seen positive examples of how crew members should be treated on the road. “I was like, ‘These people are helping us. They’re not trying to harm us. We’re all working together.’ Then we saw Metallica, and they treated their people great. We want to be like them. We want to treat everybody well.”

He continued, “Don’t spit on people. Don’t throw microphones at them. Don’t get pissed off. We want to go a long way, and that’s not how you treat people.” The singer, who had to work hard to get where he is in his career, decided early on to treat everyone like family and create a comfortable space on the road since the conditions are already challenging.

Rock said, “I had been in the trenches for many years. I was like, ‘Let’s not f*ck this up by being brats.’ I’ll be a brat on the stage. When we get the f*ck off, we f*cking treat them like they’re part of our f*cking family. And luckily, I was right because that f*cking helped. You see who’s still standing.”

Road life is hard for most artists and crew members anyway, so to make it even more challenging by ruining the experience of everyone on the road won’t serve anyone. It’s tough enough to make it in the rock scene, so artists who want to achieve longevity in an industry that is ready to make them old news need to care about their actions. Kid Rock realized the importance of being a nice person to be around sooner than most, which ultimately helped him to have the career he has today.