Courtney LaPlante Says Spiritbox And Metallica Were Mocked For Having Female Fans

In a recent conversation with Eli Enis, Courtney LaPlante mentioned that both Spiritbox and Metallica faced mockery for having female fans.

The singer questioned why the metal genre is mainly attractive to straight white men and why it pushes others away and then talked about their wide female audience:

“One thing that [Spiritbox], Bad Omens, Sleep Token, and I presume Knocked Loose have in common, is I think we have a rather large female listenership compared to our peers. The same with those Rise-core-era bands, the emo-era bands. Watching the Metallica documentaries and stuff, they were kind of made fun of for that, too. I think anything that women like is always mocked, but I think teenage girls are the purveyors of culture.”

Courtney Feels More Secure Now While Performing

Courtney also previously said in another interview that while the interest from women in playing metal music hasn’t changed much, the environment for female artists has improved:

“I think there’s probably a similar amount of women interested in playing metal music that there always has been. But let’s just say it’s a lot easier as an artist to do a good job when you’re on stage and there’s not someone spitting on you or throwing a beer at you or trying to sexually assault you because you’re a girl. If I go out right now, I know I’m going to be protected by security and the way that nicer venues are set up, but when you’re starting out, you don’t have that. You’re playing in a bar. So like, there’s no one between you and the people in the audience who maybe are offended just by you being there. So it’s like, I think that there’s less of us getting beers thrown at us, that’s all.”

LaPlante Finds It Hard To Be Female In Rock

She also reflected on being a female singer in a male-dominated rock scene:

“Being a woman in the music industry is just the same bad feeling as it is being a woman in any male-dominated industry, whether you were a fireman or a singer. Every layer that you add to that makes it even harder. Whether you’re not white or you’re not straight, or you’re not commercially viably attractive, or you’re plus size or whatever. You’re disabled. All those things make it a lot harder to make it in this world.”

This is not LaPlante’s first interaction with Metallica. After the 2024 Grammy Awards, a music page on X called Discog Discourse caused a stir by sharing a fake quote by Courtney where she dissed Metallica’s music. Later, the singer clarified she never said it and respects Metallica. She even called it an honor to lose to them.