Courtney LaPlante Denies Mocking Metallica For Their ‘Uninteresting Metal Music’

A music page on X named Discog Discourse stirred up controversy in the music community following the 2024 Grammy Awards with a viral post featuring a fabricated quote attributed to Courtney LaPlante of Spiritbox, suggesting she made disparaging remarks about Metallica’s music.

After Metallica won a Grammy for their song ’72 Seasons,’ a quote falsely attributed to Courtney surfaced online, mocking Metallica’s music as ‘uninteresting.’ Here are the words claimed to belong to her:

“I’m happy for Metallica! Who knows, maybe when we’re 80, we’ll also be able to put out uninteresting metal music and win Grammys for it!”

LaPlante Sets The Record Straight

The quote, later revealed to be fake, caused uproar among fans before being deleted by Discog Discourse. In a series of posts on X, LaPlante addressed the false allegations, emphasizing that she never made such remarks and expressing her respect for Metallica. She wrote:

“This is made up. I wouldn’t normally say anything, but I’ve had a lot of people message me about this, and it’s actually the opposite of how I feel. It’s an honor to lose to Metallica.”

The vocalist continued, dispelling any notion of animosity towards Metallica:

“I understand and enjoy the concept of satire, but this one wasn’t executed properly to convey that it’s satire. Also, this is a perfect time to post the clip of Lars’ dad saying, ‘I think you should delete this.’ We even got to meet Rob!”

Apology From Discog Discourse

Following the backlash, Discog Discourse issued an apology, saying:

“We’re not usually fans of deleting posts, but it’s been made clear that our content has not been coming across as intended recently. Our goal was never to offend artists but to make jokes and talk about music with y’all. We’re going to take some time to rethink our content.”

At the Grammy Awards held at the Arena in Los Angeles, Metallica won for their song ’72 Seasons,’ the lead single from their 2023 album of the same name. Robert Trujillo accepted the award on behalf of Metallica, as James Hetfield, Lars Ulrich, and Kirk Hammett couldn’t attend due to family reasons.

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