The Movie David Lee Roth Portrayed A Ruthless Hitman


David Lee Roth may be considered one of the most well-known frontmen in music history mostly thanks to his tenure with Van Halen for more than 10 years including countless chart hits, monumental albums, and record-breaking world tours, however, Roth is also known for his interesting and creative personality, mostly revealed through his artwork known as ‘Soggy Bottom,’ as well as his 2013 short film ‘Tokyo Story.’

In a nutshell, David Lee Roth appears as a hitman in the short film with a totally interesting looking character thanks to a tattoo covering all over his back and an outfit that gives nuance to the iconic protagonist of the ‘Matrix’ named ‘Neo’ in addition to having only one line during the whole movie. Let’s take a further and deeper look into this one-of-a-kind work of art.

The Plot Of ‘Tokyo Story’ By David Lee Roth


The short film called ‘Tokyo Story‘ which was released in 2013 on David Lee Roth’s official YouTube channel was written by Roth himself and co-directed by award-winning Japanese filmmaker Kentaro Hagiwara. The five-minute film manages to impress the audience with its Tarantino-esque sense and its similarity to the famous samurai films from the ’60s and ’70s.

The short movie opens with a scene that revealed the look of Roth’s character, dressed similar to the famous character ‘Neo,’ being mocked by three Japanese thugs playing a card game, thinking that ‘the American’ cannot understand Japanese. After one of the thugs throws pieces of chicken in front of Roth’s character in order to humiliate him, he waits patiently and shows up in nothing but a bath towel and a gun to the guy’s head which was portrayed by the famous sumo wrestler, Konishiki.

Before the whole movie ends with a bloody scene revealing that the ruthless hitman killed those thugs, David Lee Roth acts with his one legendary line throughout the movie, stating that he’s a character that defeats the evil. The closing image unveils the classic tattoo on Roth’s character’s back, covering all over his back with a dragon symbol.

Here is what Roth’s character said:

“In the name of the Moon, I shall right wrongs and defeat all evil.”

The short crime movie also has an IMDb page that has an above-average rating with 7,8 rating out of 10, proving how great actor David Lee Roth is along with being a creative person in every aspect not only as a musician but also as an actor, a writer, and an artist as a whole.

You can watch the short movie named ‘Tokyo Story’ below.

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