The Leonard Cohen Song That Defines Jon Bon Jovi’s Life

We are very much inclined to feel an instant connection to any work of art as relational beings. Whether it be a painting, book, poem, sculpture, or piece of music, they have the power to give meaning to our lives and help us better connect with our inner selves. These unique creations may also give us a deeper understanding of our emotions by opening our hearts.

Connecting with art enables us to look within ourselves and realize who we really are. In this way, we can better perceive our inner thoughts and feelings, which we may not have been aware of before. Sometimes, we also get the chance to discover what we care about and stand for, and there is one song that Jon Bon Jovi feels a deep connection to for this reason.

Leonard Cohen’s ‘Hallelujah’ Significantly Impacted Jon Bon Jovi’s Life

While we may enjoy listening to music in general, particular songs may have a more profound effect on us as listeners. Notable artists are usually also pretty meticulous music listeners since it is part of their job to get the most out of others’ works and complement their original style. So, many people are curious about who famous artists listen to.

In a 2010 interview with Time Out Dubai, Bon Jovi lead singer Jon Bon Jovi was asked about the song he wished he had written. The vocalist gave a quick answer by naming Leonard Cohen’s epic song ‘Hallelujah’ as the work he really admired. Cohen released it in 1984 as a part of his seventh studio album, ‘Various Positions.’ Despite its initial commercial failure, the song later became a hit with the new covers recorded by John Cale and Jeff Buckley.

After naming ‘Hallelujah,’ Bon Jovi revealed that he has felt a tremendously intense connection to the track’s lyrics from the first moment he heard them. Although children usually perform it during the Christmas season, the singer thinks it doesn’t match the true spirit of the song’s deeper meanings. To further explain his connection to ‘Hallelujah,’ Bon Jovi described it as a big part of who he was today. This hit track defines the rocker’s life and has played a significant role in the relationship he has established with his audience.

When asked about the song he wished he had written, Jon Bon Jovi replied:

Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah.’ I have such feelings for the lyrics and an understanding of the lyrics. Too many kids sing that song like a Christmas carol and haven’t got a f*cking clue about the innuendo in that lyric. It’s a big part of who I am, the storytelling connection with that audience member who I’m singing it to.”

You can listen to a live version of Cohen’s popular song below.