Flea Reveals The Song He Finds Darker Meanings About Its Lyrics

Red Hot Chili Peppers‘ bassist Flea shared a post on his official Twitter page revealing a song that he found out had darker meanings that it appeared after a SiriusXM host asked people if they had any, and apparently, the song is The Slickers’ ‘Johnny Too Bad.’

As you might know, ‘Johnny Too Bad’ is a song originally released by a reggae band named ‘The Slickers’ and featured on the soundtrack for the 1972 movie ‘The Harder They Come.’ The track later covered by numerous other bands such as reggae group UB40, punk band Sublime, power pop band The Silencers, and blues artist Taj Mahal.

The lyrics of the track include interesting sentences and slang words such as ‘ratchet in your waist’ which is popular Jamaican slang for a knife. The overall lyrics are about a Jamaican tough guy who is constantly asked about the time when he’s going to need help, however, be left alone.

Recently, Flea shared a post on his official Twitter page after a  SiriusXM host, Eric Alper asked everybody if they know a song that they found out has a darker meaning than it shows after reading the lyrics, and Flea revealed that he actually has one, ‘Johnny Too Bad.’

Here is what Alper said:

“What song did you find had a darker meaning after reading the lyrics?”

Here is what Flea said:

“Johnny Too Bad”

You can see the Twitter post and listen to ‘Johnny Too Bad’ below.