The John Lennon Song Mick Jagger Stole And Turned Into A Hit

It is hard to find something truly original in the music scene since the inspiration is almost impossible to escape, regardless of how unique an artist’s talent is. Many songs carry something from what the artists hear from the others’ music. Taking something from others sometimes happens by accident and sometimes on purpose. Thus, the music world has numerous accusations of plagiarism that bring legal actions.

Many prominent artists have been at the center of plagiarism accusations. Some have fought legal battles over their hit songs or have been subjected to public statements by others at best. When these cases don’t make it to the court, all fans can do is listen to the similarities to determine whether they are authentic or not. One of these plagiarism accusations came from the Beatles’ John Lennon to the Rolling Stones’ Mick Jagger over the song, ‘Miss You.’

John Lennon Accused Mick Jagger Of Plagiarism

John Lennon, the late member of the iconic band the Beatles, released ‘Bless You‘ in his fifth studio album, ‘Walls and Bridges,’ in 1974. The track expressed his love and good wishes for his wife, Yoko Ono. Lennon sang the vocal parts and also played acoustic guitar during the recording. Some music critics regard the ballad as one of Lennon’s strongest love songs.

On the other hand, the Rolling Stones released ‘Miss You‘ as the first single off the band’s fourteenth UK and sixteenth US album, ‘Some Girls.’ The song quickly topped the charts. Solely written by Mick Jagger, the track stood out with its energetic tone. Mick Jagger’s deteriorating relationship with his wife Bianca inspired him to write the song.

During a previous interview in the book ‘Playboy Interviews with John Lennon & Yoko Ono,’ the late Beatles member claimed Mick Jagger stole ‘Bless You’ and turned it into the hit song, ‘Miss You.’ As the story goes, the recording engineer advised John Lennon to speed the piece up to make it a hit. Still, Lennon didn’t think it would be the right way, so he left it in a slower tone.

During the interview, Lennon said his recording engineer was right, considering the success of Mick Jagger’s speedy version. Although the singer thought the two songs were pretty similar, he still liked Jagger’s sound. He didn’t turn it into a big issue and said he didn’t have any hatred against Mick Jagger. Lennon thought the track was an excellent Rolling Stones record and loved it.

Lennon speaking on Mick Jagger’s song:

“‘Bless You’ is again about Yoko. I think Mick Jagger took ‘Bless You’ and turned it into ‘Miss You.’ The engineer kept wanting me to speed that up. He said, ‘This is a hit song if you’d just do it fast.’ He was right because ‘Miss You’ turned into a hit. I like Mick’s record better. I have no ill feelings about it. I think it’s a great Stones track, and I really love it. But I do hear that lick in it.”

You can listen to the two songs below.