The Time Linkin Park’s Chester Bennington Implied He’s Suicidal Before His Death


Late Linkin Park lead vocalist Chester Bennington once opened up about his struggles in life during an interview with Music Choice before his passing while revealing the concept for the band’s track, ‘Heavy’ which was an obvious cry for help with its lyrics as well as the interview during which the late singer stated how he finds it hard being stuck in his head.

As some of you might know, Chester Bennington’s struggles go back to his childhood as he was a victim of sexual abuse at the age of seven from an older male friend. Due to the fact that he was afraid to ask for help thinking what other people might think, the horrible abuse continued until he was 13 years old. A year late, after finding the courage in himself, Bennington revealed the abuser’s identity to his father, however, preferred to let go of him after realizing that the abuser was a victim himself as well.

When he was in the middle of carrying the weight of being abused sexually, Bennington’s parents divorced when he was 11 years old. On top of these, he was also physically bullied in high school which was another nail to the young Bennington’s coffin as he started abusing alcohol, marijuana, opium, cocaine, meth, and LSD, pretty much anything he could find to comfort his pain at an incredibly young age.

The addiction starting from a young age, the childhood traumas coming from being sexually abused, and divorced parents which caused him to live a split life combined together and late Linkin Park singer had to deal with major depression and anxiety throughout his whole adult life. It got worse especially after losing one of his closest friends, Soundgarden vocalist Chris Cornell who killed himself as well.

Chester Bennington and Chris Cornell were really close friends and Bennington was also the godfather of Cornell’s son Christopher, therefore, the passing of his best friend deeply affected the vocalist and it was the last drop that made his strength to hold onto life vanished. Two months after Cornell’s death which was also ruled as suicide by hanging, Chester Bennington passed away on what would have been Cornell’s 53rd birthday, on July 20, 2017, at the age of 41, because of suicide by hanging.

A few months before his passing, the late Linkin Park singer opened up about the theme of the band’s track, ‘Heavy’ which was the band’s last single to be released during Bennington’s lifetime. During the interview, the singer revealed the meaning behind the opening line of the song and stated that it represents himself since there’s always something wrong in his life despite everything seems to be okay.

Furthermore, Chester Bennington revealed something which most definitely forecasted his decision to end his life and stated that that uneasy and uncomfortable feeling in his head is always there which makes him feel like he’s stuck, and it doesn’t have to be this way, meaning that killing himself is an option to end his suffering, unfortunately.

Here is what Bennington said:

I have a hard time with life. Even when it’s good, I am just uncomfortable all the time. The opening line, I don’t like my mind right now like that is me 24 hours a day. And if I get stuck in here, like, I just find it really hard. It doesn’t have to be.

You can see the interview and listen to ‘Heavy’ below.