The Five Musicians Alice Cooper Would Hire To His Ultimate Supergroup

Founding supergroups are very common in the music industry, especially among rock and heavy metal musicians who couldn’t perform or record full time due to their hectic schedules. These artists wish to create and release music that is primarily different from their own bands’ styles. Sometimes they enjoy working together so much that it becomes an actual band, as it happened with CSNY.

The most known and critically acclaimed supergroups can be considered GTR, Cream, The Damned Things, The Power Station, Chickenfoot, and many more. In addition to them, Hollywood Vampires, featuring Alice Cooper, Johnny Depp, and Joe Perry has been drawing significant attention from their fans and most rock music lovers. However, Cooper had revealed another epic ensemble in his mind for his dream band.

The Artists That Alice Cooper Wanted To Recruit For His Dream Band

The Hollywood Vampires drinking club, which Cooper founded in the ’70s to spend time and drink with his close friends, such as Keith Moon, Ringo Starr, and John Lennon, inspired Hollywood Vampires’ name. Cooper’s first choice for his supergroup was his drinking buddy and friend Keith Moon who gained great fame and popularity as The Who’s drummer. Moreover, in one of his previous interviews, the musician stated that he was the best drummer of all time.

Therefore, he wanted Moon to be on the drums, and then he wished to recruit another Who legend to his dream band, Pete Townshend. Townshend became one of the most influential and talented guitarists worldwide, both with his career as a band member and solo artist. Cooper had talked about The Who icon, saying that he’s still the greatest ‘stage’ guitar player. His choices also proved that The Who highly influenced him, especially at the beginning of his career.

Here’s what a fan asked:

“If you could assemble your ultimate backing band of musicians, living or dead, who would you pick?”

Cooper responded:

Keith Moon on drums. Jeff Beck is on guitar. Pete Townshend on guitar. Paul McCartney on bass and then John Lennon on a third guitar! Lennon and McCartney are singing together. That’s your whole background.”

The Godfather of Shock Rock went on with a Yardbirds legend which was very sensible considering he had defined The Yardbirds as his favorite band many times. Alice Cooper also revealed that he and his best friends started learning to play instruments and wanted to be like the band. The musicians stated that Jeff Beck would be his second guitarist in his supergroup, but Alice Cooper couldn’t stop hiring guitar players to his band.

The longtime Alice Cooper fans know that the musician was a huge Beatles fan, and he had a band named The Earwigs at high school that they dressed like The Beatles and performed parody versions of their songs. Therefore, it’s not surprising that Cooper’s third guitarist was the late Beatles co-founder John Lennon, one of the additional members of his famous drinking club. The final member of the band was also a Beatle.

Cooper unveiled that he would work with Paul McCartney as the bassist of his supergroup, and he added that McCartney and Lennon singing the band’s songs together would complete this perfect ensemble. As can be understood from the names he gave, Cooper always wished to be in a band with his greatest muses, even though their styles are very different.

There’s no doubt that almost every rock and metal music fan would want to witness this supergroup’s performances, consisting of John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Keith Moon, Pete Townshend, and Jeff Beck. Thus, Cooper’s choices were described as legendary, remarkable, and well-thought, and some people still believe the same.