The Financial Reason Blue Oyster Cult Put Making Albums On Hold For 20 Years

Stony Brook’s rock band Blue Öyster Cult has signed their name under 15 albums since their formation in 1967. The band has been busy between 1970 and 2001, and they have sold over 25 million records worldwide with successful records such as ‘Secret Treaties’ and ‘Tyranny and Mutation.’

However, there is a massive gap between their 2001 and 2020 albums. In 2001, they released ‘Curse of the Hidden Mirror,’ and the single ‘Pocket’ was so poorly rated that they lost their contract with their record label Sanctuary Records. This failure was a tremendous setback in their career as a band.

What Happened After BOC’s Album Failure?

The ‘Curse of the Hidden Mirror’ came with a curse for the band. After the poor sales and being dropped by their record label, the band members became reluctant to carry out their creative endeavors. They stated that the time and effort put into something creative was not worth it.

In 2017, the band’s Eric Bloom stated that their comeback had to be proper, and they didn’t want to put their classic rock act if the current buying public was not going to ‘buy’ it. He showed the valid reason for their reluctance and stressed that this art has an economic aspect, which causes financial troubles if nobody likes it.

About the year gap between their albums, Bloom’s words follow:

“In the economic reality, it costs money to make a record. The time it takes to make a record, if you want to make it right, is time we would have to take off from work, and we’d rather be out there working than making a record that nobody’s going to buy. We’re a classic rock act with a paradoxical future: the current buying public is not really going to care what we put out.

Classic rock radio probably won’t play anything new from us. Pop stations won’t play anything from us. So people finding out we have anything new is unlikely. I know the hardcore people would love to have new stuff from us, and eventually, we’re going to do it, but for a decade, there’s been no reason to do it.

In 2020, Blue Öyster Cult released ‘The Symbol Remains‘ album as a comeback to the industry as a band. Unlike the album released 19 years ago, this received positive reactions from critics and fans, which should have made the group happy. Although they didn’t have their old lineup back, the band is still Blue Öyster Cult, and hopefully, this return will last.