The Female Singer Stevie Nicks Would Want In Fleetwood Mac

As the female singers of Fleetwood Mac, Stevie Nicks and Christine McVie played an essential role in the band’s career. Significantly contributing with their lead and harmonious vocals, the pair created a distinctive sound in top records like ‘Rumours’ in the ’70s. Although they have grown apart at times, they have managed to support each other in the male-dominated rock music industry and become an inspiration for upcoming female musicians.

Nicks and McVie now have a strong bond, have repaired their relationship, and continue to reflect the advantages of female collaborations. Lorde, who has come to the fore with her electropop style, seems to be one of the famous names the duo has inspired. In the previous years, she expressed her love for Fleetwood Mac and made a cover of one of their songs. Further, her appreciation was reciprocated, and Nicks praised Lorde regarding her unconventional music.

Stevie Nicks Praised Lorde’s Music Talent

Previously, Lorde revealed in an issue of the New York Times that she was astonished by Fleetwood Mac’s earlier catalog. Also, during the 2016 Ally Coalition benefit, which was organized to support LGBTQ+ youth, Lorde performed the band’s 1977 song ‘Go Your Own Way’ with other names like Charlie XCX and Carly Rae Jepsen.

Luckily, the admiration between the two was mutual, as Stevie Nicks mentioned the young musician during her show in New Zealand in 2017. Uproxx reported that she initially expressed disappointment in not getting a chance to perform with Lorde in her hometown and praised her musical talent. Before singing her band’s piece ‘Landslide,’ Nicks stated that Lorde would have been another female member of Fleetwood Mac if she had been there during the band’s formation.

Stevie Nicks said about Lorde during her show:

“I actually don’t know her, and I wish she was here. I was hoping I would get to cross paths with her. I think she’s so very talented. If she had been my age, and our age, she probably would have been the third girl in Fleetwood Mac.”

After hearing about Nicks’ statement, Lorde expressed her amazement at the singer’s words. She vocalized her happiness on Twitter saying, ‘I could cry.’ Stevie Nicks continued to mention Lorde in her subsequent interviews and gave some advice about her music career. She even dedicated her song ‘Landslide’ to the young musician during her New Zealand concert in 2019, during which Lorde was among the audience.