The Faulty Stage Act Alice Cooper Sold To The Rolling Stones

Alice Cooper has entertained millions of fans for almost six decades with his fantastic stage shows. Despite being 74 years old, Cooper likes to thrill the audience with energetic performances and stage illusions. There is no doubt that he raised rock theatrics to a new level with his showmanship.

The rock veteran introduced horror imagery to rock and roll throughout his music career and transformed the genre with his shocking stage shows. During the performances, Cooper mainly uses several props and illusions, such as pyrotechnics, fake blood, reptiles, creepy baby dolls, and guillotines. As it turns out, the musician sold one of his stage acts to the Rolling Stones after it failed for him.

Alice Cooper Had An Issue With A Stage Act, So He Sold It To The Stones

In a 2005 interview with Andrew Denton, Alice Cooper revealed the most thrilling thing he did on stage. According to Cooper, his shows didn’t always go according to plan. As he recalled, he had a giant cannon intended to shoot him across the stage. It worked well during rehearsals; Cooper went in and got out, the crew put a dummy in and shot it, and Cooper came out. However, this didn’t work out during the live show.

When Cooper took to the stage in front of 20,000 people, the cannon went off and shot the dummy, but it didn’t go far away. Besides, it was evident that it was a dummy, so the show was a failure. Speaking to Denton, Cooper said that he decided to sell the cannon to the Rolling Stones the very next day. However, the band used it not for a show but for a backstage party with Keith Richards.

In the interview, Andrew Denton asked Alice Cooper the following:

“You basically invented shock rock, and your stage show is legendary for its success. What’s the most over-the-top thing you’ve done on stage?”

Cooper then recalled:

When you do my kind of show, there’s a lot of spinal tap moments, things that are supposed to do this but don’t do that. I had a giant cannon. They decided they would shoot Alice across the stage in a cannon. The cannon was massive. It was from there to here. In rehearsal, it worked great. They’d put me in, I would get out, they’d put the dummy in, and of course, they’d shoot the dummy across, then I would come out.

Well, it looked great. We got in front of about 20,000 people; I get in, the cannon goes off, and the dummy comes out about that far and just lays there. It’s an obvious dummy. We sold the cannon the next day to the Stones, and they used it for something entirely inappropriate.

Denton continued:

A backstage party with Keith Richards. So, when something like that happens, when the dummy is just hanging there, how do you cover a moment like that?”

Cooper responded:

“That’s when you just have to make that your ‘Clouseau’ moment, you know.”

As it turns out, Alice Cooper’s cannon show didn’t go as intended. For that reason, the rock icon decided to sell it to the Rolling Stones, thinking they would put it to good use. However, it turned out that the Stones used the cannon for a backstage party. As for Cooper, he handled the failure by making it his ‘Inspector Clouseau’ moment.