Ryan Tedder Says The Record Label Forgot To Release OneRepublic’s ‘Rescue Me’ In The US

OneRepublic frontman Ryan Tedder gave an interview to SiriusXM’s The Pulse, during which he revealed that their record label forgot to release the song ‘Rescue Me’ in the United States.

On August 27, 2021, OneRepublic released their fifth studio album, ‘Human.’ Before its release, they dropped several singles, including ‘Rescue Me.’ Even though the band was scheduled to release their album sooner, the release date got postponed due to the pandemic.

The band released the lead single ‘Rescue Me’ on May 17, 2019, and it topped the charts in various countries. However, there was an interesting detail about this single, as OneRepublic’s record label forgot to release it in the U.S.

In an interview on Sirius XM’s The Pulse, OneRepublic lead singer Ryan Tedder touched upon this issue. He stated that they felt ‘Rescue Me’ would be a hit when they released the song. Tedder then said it turned out to be a worldwide hit, but not in America. According to the singer, this was because their label forgot that the song existed and didn’t release it in the U.S.

Following that, Ryan Tedder talked about what happened after they noticed this. He said the band felt like they needed another song to release in America. Tedder argued that you can never predict which song will be a worldwide hit, but they were desperate to produce a musical effort that appealed to their fans in America, Germany, and other countries.

Ryan Tedder said the following during the interview:

“When we released ‘Rescue Me’ back in the summer, we thought, ‘Okay, this is gonna be the setup for the album, this feels like a hit.’ And it turns out it was a big hit, just everywhere but America, which is another weird thing. So now, we have this song we’ve done over a billion streams worldwide. A song that in America, it’s like it didn’t really come out. Our label forgot it existed, forgot to release it. Literally, that’s how it happened.

So, by the time all those things lined up, we’re like ‘Well, now we need another song.’ In Australia, Southeast Asia, Europe, ‘Rescue Me’ was like… we had dropped ‘Good Life,’ ‘Secrets,’ or something. But in America, we’re like ‘Well, we live here, we need to actually focus on America.’

As an artist, it’s so weird to line all these things up in different territories. You can’t predict what’s going to work everywhere. Very few things do. So many things connect in some places around the world. So, we were really desperate to get something that was kind of a one-size-fits-all, a song that everybody in our fan base in America, in North America, and Canada reacted with the same as people in Germany.”

You can watch that part of the interview and listen to the song ‘Rescue Me’ below.