Korn Bassist Fieldy Opens About His Side Project Stillwell

Korn bassist Fieldy shared a post on his official Facebook account to clarify some things and give some details about his side band Stillwell to fans who have supported the band throughout the years.

Fieldy had announced in June 2021 that he would not be a part of Korn’s ongoing tour. He had clarified that he had to deal with some personal issues that had been troubling him for several years. After falling back on bad habits, he decided to take a break from music and be with his family. He was then replaced by Suicidal Tendencies bassist Roberto ‘Ra’ Díaz to continue the tour.

However, it seems like the musician has kept himself busy with his side project Stillwell. Fieldy said in his Facebook post that Stillwell is a side project he has been doing for 16 years with Wuv (POD) and Q (Arsonists, Radamus). They have released three albums together and are about to release their 4th studio album. The bassist said that although they once opened for Korn, this passion project isn’t in the same realm.

He added that Stillwell’s sound is alternative rock with no metal or nu metal influences. He has done this on purpose to separate the two bands from each other to respect the integrity of Korn. He finally thanked his fans who have supported the Stillwell sound over the years.

Fieldy’s Facebook post about his side band Stilwell:

“Some clarity about Stillwell,

I’ve been doing Stillwell for about 16 years; this isn’t something new, although to some of you, it is, and that’s cool. With my brothers Wuv (POD) and Q (Arsonists, Radamus), we’ve put out three albums, and we’re about to drop our 4th.

It has nothing to do with Korn or my status with Korn or anything else. It isn’t Heavy music; it’s alternative rock. We’ve always written Stillwell music while on tour with Korn or at home. We opened for Korn back in 2011, and to add one more little fact, the 1st Stillwell video, ‘Killing Myself to Live’ was during a Korn concert (2006). This was back when David was in Korn; he’s in the video; that’s how far back Stillwell goes. Again, it isn’t metal or nu metal or heavy music, and that was my way of being respectful to the integrity of Korn. I knew Stillwell had to be different.

Thank you to those who have shown love and support and those who aren’t into Stillwell; there are plenty of heavy bands out there to fulfill your needs.

Thank you,


Stillwell’s upcoming single will drop on September 16th and mark the group’s first new material since their third album, ‘Supernatural Miracle,’ released in September 2020. Although touring with Korn had seemed challenging to Fieldy, it looks like working with Stillwell has helped him during this difficult process.