The Emotional Moment Ringo Starr Found Out John Lennon’s Death

For many rock fans, one of the most devastating days in rock music is the day the Beatle frontman John Lennon was brutally murdered by a so-called fan. Following his death, countless fans carried his iconic tracks back to music charts, and the Strawberry Fields memorial was created in New York’s Central Park where Lennon’s ashes were scattered.

While it was an incredible heartbreak to numerous fans from all over the world, the closest people to the musician, his ex-bandmates, were also devastated by losing their dear friend. We all know how Paul McCartney feels about losing his former bandmate, let’s find out how Ringo Starr reacted when he first found out his close friend was murdered.

John Lennon Was Tragically Murdered

After John Lennon and Yoko Ono went for a recording session at the Record Plant on December 8, 1980, the couple returned to their Manhattan apartment in a limousine. As they exited the vehicle and walked through the archway of the building, four gunshots were heard at the scene.

Mark David Chapman, who got Lennon autographed a copy of ‘Double Fantasy’ before he left for his recording sessions, shot the musician twice in the back and twice in the shoulder at close range. Although Lennon was rushed in a police cruiser to the emergency room of a hospital, he was pronounced dead on arrival at the age of 40.

Ringo Starr Was Devasted After John Lennon’s Death

During an interview in 1981 which was a couple of months later John Lennon’s passing, Ringo Starr reflected on losing his dear friend. According to the drummer, he couldn’t get used to saying he had two band members left to refer to after Lennon’s death.

The footage shows Starr looking incredibly sad as many fans mentioned in the comments section. He also stated that he was very sad as he’s still missing his friend, especially because his wound was very fresh at the time. Still, the musician said John Lennon must be okay wherever he is which was a touching moment.

In addition to reflecting on his emotions, The Beatles drummer recalled the time when he first found out about John Lennon’s death. Apparently, the musician was first informed that his friend was shot in multiple places on his body. He was later informed that Lennon was dead.

At that point of the interview, Starr asked the interview to stop talking about his friend which showed the pain he was in pretty clearly. He ended his words by saying that John Lennon was a great friend, and talking about him gets him upset every single time.

About losing Lennon, Starr said:

“The music was always more important than anything else, to me personally. You have to ask the other two. Isn’t it funny when you say that though? It’s all new to me. It clogs you up a bit, using it because you’re so glib to say, ‘I will ask the other three. Now, we can only ask two which is a Dragon in Twain but I’m sure he’s okay. I’m really sad, I still miss John a great deal. I’ll always miss him but it’s still brand new.”

When asked how did he find out about Lennon’s death, Starr explained:

“Barbara’s daughter called us up saying John’s been shot. That taught me crazy but you think he’s been shot in the arm, shot in the leg. Then, they came back and they said he’s dead. Do you want to stop that now because it doesn’t help? It always gets me upset, he was a great friend.”

You can watch the interview below.