The Drummer Who Made Lars Ulrich Want To Quit Music

The career of a drummer is not as easy as it might seem. While sitting on a stool and playing the instrument back in the shadows might definitely seem cool, the Rolling Stones’ Charlie Watts had previously said that he hated playing drum solos on stage. You might wonder why. Well, because of Led Zeppelin.

Watts complained that it wasn’t easy to be a drummer back in the day since he had two sit through two-hour gigs and play at full volume to be heard. Charlie argued that these kinds of performances required physical strength, and he blamed John Bonham for it since the Led Zeppelin drummer excelled in playing for extended shows.

In a way, Watt’s arguments disclosed his admiration for Bonham’s talents, and the Rolling Stones drummer wasn’t the only one to compliment another rocker with a bitter comment. Metallica’s Lars Ulrich also appreciated a fellow drummer saying he wanted to quit music after witnessing them play.

Lars has made a name for himself for his somewhat impulsive and sometimes harsh personality, but when it comes to appreciating fellow rockers, he doesn’t hesitate to comment. While chatting with Rolling Stone in 2004, the drummer talked about various subjects, including his criticism of Axl Rose to Metallica’s future plans. Then, when he was asked who he thought to be the best drummer alive, Lars had an answer.

“Jon Theodore from Mars Volta,” replied the rocker without hesitation. “We did three weeks of dates with them in Australia in January. They were so awesome, and Jon’s the best drummer I’ve seen in ten years.”

He continued appreciating Theodore by comparing him to fellow cult drummers. “He plays with fire and energy, the weight of somebody like Phil Taylor from Motörhead and Elvin Jones. I wanted to quit after I saw him play. ‘I’m not following that little f*cker.’”

Lars has a unique way of appreciating other drummers, as he complimented Jon by calling him, well, you know, you’ve just read. While the Metallica drummer compared the younger drummer to the likeness of Phil Taylor and Elvin Jones, he also paid homage to these two cult figures. Maybe, the best way to love someone is to give mixed compliments.