The Drummer Taylor Hawkins Had Wished To Get A Lesson From

Late Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins is widely known as a celebrated musician who released many successful records and performed memorable shows with the band. Apart from being a vibrant musician, countless people praised his charming personality, and almost anyone in the music scene loved him due to his positive energy and always-smiling face.

Hawkins’ previous interviews related to his career started drawing more attention following his heartbreaking passing on March 25. Though many knew his drumming was highly influenced by classic rock drummers like Queen’s Roger Taylor, The Beatles’ Ringo Starr, and Rush’s Neil Peart, he once named the drummer he would want to get a drumming lesson from to play ‘properly.’

Which Drummer Taylor Hawkins Wanted To Have As A Teacher?

In a 2003 interview with Rhythm Magazine, Taylor Hawkins revealed his thoughts on Phil Collins. He praised Collins’ talent and said he is among the most significant rock drummers globally. According to the Foo Fighters icon, people seem to forget Collins is an excellent musician.

Moreover, Hawkins said he had the chance to get drum lessons from the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Chad Smith and Dave Grohl in the past, but he would love to get a lesson from Phil Collins. He then asked Collins to teach him to play drums properly through the interview he made.

As reported by, Taylor Hawkins told Rhythm Magazine the following about Phil Collins:

“People seem to have forgotten that Phil Collins is one of the greatest rock drummers ever to have walked the planet. I’ve been lucky enough to have had drum lessons from people like Chad Smith and Dave in the past, but I’d love to get a lesson from him. So Phil, if you’re out there, please come and teach me how to play ‘properly.'”

Sadly, Taylor Hawkins departed from this world too soon and left his fans and music scene heartbroken. Unfortunately, he didn’t get the opportunity to get drumming lessons from one of his biggest influences, Phil Collins, before his untimely death.