The Drummer Peter Criss Was Jealous Of


The friendships that people had in their childhood are significant for most of their lives since it represents the beginning of social lives apart from families. Some of these relationships lasted years and continued in adulthood too. Many musicians come across their childhood friends often when they find themselves on the music scene together, and this situation can create a friendly rivalry.

One of these situations happened when KISS’ drummer Peter Criss auditioned for a band while a friend of his was trying to get the part as well. However, their friendship was strong enough not to hold a grudge against each other while they were both trying to get the same role. Still, Criss once admitted jealousy over his friend who got the part instead of him.

Which Drummer Peter Criss Envied When He Joined An Iconic Band?


New York Dolls’ first stable line-up consisted of David Johansen, guitarists Johnny Thunders and Rick Rivets, who Sylvain Sylvain would replace in a short time, bass guitarist Arthur Kane, and drummer Billy Murcia. However, the new band couldn’t continue to perform with their drummer for a long time because of a tragic incident.

Murcia passed out after an overdose at a party, and the people there tried to save them. Still, it caused his death from asphyxiation, on November 6, 1972, at 21. Therefore New York Dolls had to find a new drummer and began auditioning with different musicians. Many drummers jammed with the band, such as Mark Bell and Peter Criss, who would gain great fame and commercial success years later, but New York Dolls decided to recruit Jerry Nolan.

Surprisingly, Jerry Nolan and Criss were childhood friends, and they had to go separate ways for their professional musical careers without ending their friendship. Nolan showed excellent drum performance in the band’s first two albums, ‘New York Dolls’ and ‘Too Much Too Soon.’ However, he left the group with Johnny Thunders because of disagreements between the drummer and his bandmates in 1975.

In addition, years after his failed audition in which he was competing with his close friend, Criss admitted that he was jealous of Nolan when he joined the band. He revealed that they grew up together, and Nolan gave him his first drum lesson. While he envied his friend, it was fortunate that Criss couldn’t become the band’s drummer at that time because otherwise, he couldn’t be one of the wealthiest and most famous musicians in the world thanks to his works as a member of the legendary rock band, KISS.

In Criss’ words, he said:

“Jerry Nolan from New York Dolls was my closest friend. I don’t know if people know that, but we grew up together in Brooklyn. We went to school together; he gave me my first drum lesson. It was like I was jealous when he got The Dolls because they were so cool. There was such a force in New York to reckon with; everyone loved The Dolls in New York.”

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