Sammy Hagar Picks His Favorite Albums In Which He Takes Place

Former Van Halen, current The Circle frontman Sammy Hagar shared a post on his official Instagram page revealing his favorite albums he ever did in the comments section after a fan asked, apparently, there are two of them, ‘Space Between’ album of The Circle and Montrose’s debut album which was titled after the band.

As many of you know, Sammy Hagar has worked with numerous bands as a lead vocalist all of which were extremely famous from Montrose to Van Halen in addition to unite with other legendary musicians in order to create a supergroup.

However, Sammy Hagar became widely known in the music industry when he started to work with Montrose back in 1973 with whom Hagar recorded two studio albums, debut album titled after the band which was released the same year, and the second studio album, ‘Paper Money’ which was released a year after.

Sammy Hagar is currently working with The Circle, a superband he formed back in 2014 including Michael Anthony, Waboritas guitarist Vic Johnson, and drummer Jason Bonham. The band also released two studio albums, their debut album, ‘Space Between’ which was released on May 10, 2019, and their brand new second album, ‘Lockdown 2020.’

Recently, Sammy Hagar shared a picture on his official Instagram page on stage singing back in 1978 asking his fans which song he’s singing, however, a fan shared a comment under his post, asking Hagar a completely different question. The fan stated that he wants to know Hagar’s favorite album he has ever created among all of the bands he was in.

Here is what fan asked:

“Hey Sammy! I’m a huge fan and have a question for you. What is your favorite album that you ever did from any of the great bands you were in?”

Sammy Hagar saw his fan’s question and also shared a comment under in post replying to that fan by stating that although the question is quite difficult, he has two favorite, the first one is The Circle’s debut album, ‘Space Between’ and Montrose’s debut album, ‘Montrose.’

Here is what Hagar said:

“tuff one. But maybe the circles for a studio album ‘space between’ I’m very happy with that record and the first Montrose record”

You can see the Instagram post below.

Photo Credit: Sammy Hagar – Instagram