Wolf Van Halen Responds To The Claims About His ‘Veiled Shot’ At David Lee Roth

Wolf Van Halen recently responded to a tweet that suggested he should get a frontman for his band Mammoth WVH, where he is the vocalist. Wolfgang’s response hinted at David Lee Roth, stating that his band is not a parade for a lead to perform a show.

Former Van Halen bassist Wolf has been making music with his solo band Mammoth WVH since Van Halen’s disbandment, following his father Eddie’s passing. Mammoth WVH released their self-titled debut studio album in the summer of 2021, and Wolfgang played all the instruments during the recording session. However, he also has a touring band, and he is currently on tour.

He recently shared a video of his live solo in the song, ‘Mr. Ed’ on Twitter. A fan stated that he should now get a lead singer, hinting he cannot give extravagant performances. In Van Halen, David Lee Roth was considered a highly entertaining frontman who was very interactive with fans. With his stage costumes and energy, he created the image of the energetic rock lead vocalist.

However, it seems like this is not what WVH wants. In his reply, he stated that Mammoth WVH is not the band for a frontman to parade but a space for him to show his talent. He roasted the fan by saying that they are probably living in 1982. Another fan defended David Lee Roth even though WVH hadn’t mentioned him in the previous tweet. When asked if he was talking about DLR, he stated, ‘No.’

Here is the first tweet from a fan:

“Now you need a singer/frontman.

Wolf replied:

“No. I don’t. My band isn’t the place to see some frontman parading around in ass-less chaps. I’m there to play/sing to the best of my ability (and f*ck shit up). Just because your life peaked in 1982 doesn’t mean we all have to live there.”

Another fan got involved:

“If chaps had a seat, they’d be called pants, all chaps are assless. Not sure why the veiled shot at Dave though.”

Wolf continued his defense:

“Referencing chaps is not a veiled shot. Did I say it was stupid? No. I just said it’s not what I do.

Another user asked:

“Are you cutting on Dave a bit there?”

Wolf replied:


You can see the tweets below.