Wolf Van Halen Recalls The Time When Eddie Van Halen Had To Stop Playing Due To A Giant Bug

In an interview with HardDrive Radio, Mammoth WVH founder Wolfgang Van Halen looked back to his performances with Van Halen and shared the most bizarre memories he had playing live with his late father, Eddie Van Halen.

As the long-time fans of Van Halen would know, the late guitar legend Eddie Van Halen’s son Wolfgang has been following the footsteps of his father. Wolf joined Van Halen to replace the band’s bassist Michael Anthony during the recordings of their 12th and final album, ‘A Different Kind of Truth,’ and played with the band until the death of his father which led to the band’s dissolution.

Along with his noteworthy career with Van Halen, Wolfgang has been focusing on his solo projects which turned out to be a new band named Mammoth WVH, whose name was inspired by the initial name that his father used for Van Halen. Wolfgang’s new album is planned to be released on June 11, 2021, yet he has already released his first single, ‘Distance,’ which was dedicated to his relationship with Eddie.

Wolfgang Van Halen has recently joined an interview with HardDrive Radio’s show named ‘Ask Anything Chat,’ and talked about the time he was performing live with Van Halen. During the conversation, Wolf was asked to share the most unusual things he experienced on stage, and apparently, he had some really strange memories from the time he was playing with his father.

Initially, Wolf mentioned that while he was performing in San Jose, a guy in the crowd was flipping him off throughout the show. Even though the disrespectful behavior of the guy annoyed him very much, he managed to stay calm and simply throw him out since it was the most proper response, he suggests.

Here is what Wolfgang stated about the guy flipping him off:

“There was a guy in San Jose who was flipping me off the whole time in the crowd. And throughout the show, I had this battle of my emotions on how to handle it. And by the end, I was, like, ‘I could probably throw him out. That’s a proper response to that, right?‘ So, yeah, I did. And it was good that there wasn’t a guy flipping me off anymore.”

Additionally, Wolf Van Halen recalled a show in Kansas City while he was on tour with Van Halen back in 2015. The young musician stated that there was an enormous bug that landed right on Eddie Van Halen’s pedalboard. Apparently, the bug was just flying around them on stage throughout the show and finally made its way on Eddie. Wolfgang recalled that his father actually had to stop playing his solo and shouted out saying there was a ‘big-ass effin’ bug’ on his pedalboard.

Here is how Eddie Van Halen reacted to the giant bug landed on his pedalboard:

“Another one was — I think it was in Kansas City, in 2015, on the Van Halen tour, there was a ginormous bug — like, huge; the size of my phone — that landed on my dad’s pedalboard. But it had been on the stage making its way throughout the whole show, but by the time we got to my dad’s solo, it landed right there, and he stopped playing the solo. He was, like, ‘There’s a big-ass effin’ bug on my pedalboard.'”

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