The Dead Daisies’ David Lowy Calls Malcolm Young His Rock God

Although the rhythm guitar is one of the essential instruments to carry the sound of the band, it is often far from the spotlight. But if anyone tries to make it a star, most will agree it’s Malcolm Young. With his unique approach to the guitar, he became the guitar hero of many who came after him. Judging by his words on his recent appearance on BBC Radio 2’s the Rock Show with Johnnie Walker, Dead Daisies’ David Lowy was one of them.

“This is David Lowy from the Dead Daisies,” he introduced himself and went on revealing his guitar hero. “The artist I’d like to choose as my rock god is Malcolm Young from AC/DC. Malcolm is the heart and soul of AC/DC. I really admire his rhythm guitar playing, and he says the best at it. And it’s influenced the way I play. I grew up in Australia, so it’s Aussi rock. I’ve seen him play a number of times and nothing short of legendary.”

The sound that Malcolm Young captured on the rhythm guitar showed the beauty of the simple and its founding quality in music. Malcolm’s playing profoundly influenced many great names of rhythm guitar, like Dave Mustaine, Scott Ian, and James Hetfield. The sound of the Dead Daisies also anchored the simple yet stunning riffs of David Lowy, who were indeed heavily inspired by Young.

Their latest drop, ‘Radiance,’ was released in 2022, and the ‘thunderous rhythm attack of David’ was one of the features that the band highlighted while promoting the album, along with ‘Doug’s lightning licks,’ ‘Glenn’s rock-solid bass grooves,’ and ‘Brian’s pulverizing beats.’ The band currently hits the road in the UK.