The Dead Daisies’ Brian Tichy Recalls Steven Tyler’s Compliment About Him

The Dead Daisies’ Brian Tichy has acquired an important place in the music scene by contributing to the projects of many notable names, including Ozzy Osbourne, Whitesnake, and Billy Idol. He also had an opportunity to collaborate with Steven Tyler in the past, who he is a massive fan of.

In his conversation with Chuck Shute, Tichy detailed how he was praised by a musician he admired during the recording session of Steven Tyler’s 2011 song ‘(It) Feels So Good.’ The drummer said that he knew Tyler was initially a drummer and very involved in the creation process of his works, which seem to be some of the reasons he is a fan of the Aerosmith icon.

The singer’s bandmate Joey Kramer would say he is very particular during recordings, which Tichy found understandable since Steven Tyler is also a drummer and can hear certain things. When Tichy went to the sessions, everything went well during the first take, but he got nervous because they played the piece back and forth.

The Dead Daisies member was unsure whether he was doing a good job and thought they would let him go. Then Tyler asked him to improve his sound by adding another snare with some ring to it. The drummer changed his playing and did his second take. After the singer and the producer listened to it, they called him to the control room. As Tichy revealed, Tyler praised his playing and said he was the drummer he was looking for.

Brian Tichy said the following about Steven Tyler:

“I’m a huge fan. I know the deal about Steven, he is originally a drummer, and he’s particular in the studio. Joey Kramer is talking about the pressure in the studio with Steven, and that’s where I say, ‘Give him a pass.’ The studio was great, though. It ended up being great. It was the second take. The first take was cool. I was nervous because they were playing the track back and forth like the demo to my take, listening. It’s like, ‘Oh man, he’s not digging my feel.’ I was like, ‘That’s it.’

Then he gets on the talkback, he was like, ‘Yeah, you gotta snare another snare, drum with some more ring to it.’ And I heard, ‘Oh, he wants a tighter snare with more pop ring.’ I went over another one, cranked it up, put it in, do the second take. He and the producer Marti Frederiksen listened back a couple, and then Marty was like, ‘Yeah, come on in, man,’ and I went in the control room, and Tyler turned around he just complimented me, and said, ‘Sounds great. You’re this drummer that is very, very nice.'”

You can check out the conversation below.