The Story Of Guns N’ Roses Icon Slash Invited Justin Bieber To A Strip Club: Here’s Why Justin Rejected

Guns N’ Roses lead guitarist Slash once revealed the story behind the time when he invited Justin Bieber to a strip club when he was only 16 years old during an appearance on Lopez Tonight nearly ten years ago, and apparently, the young pop star had to pass on that offer because of his curfew.

As some of you might remember, the internet blew up years ago when the brand new sensation, the young musician  Justin Bieber shared a post on his official Twitter account, inviting the iconic guitarist Slash over dinner when the two musicians were in the same city, Sydney.

Since Slash has been feeling the pressure of being in the same city with the fans with ‘Bieber fever’ from the moment his plane was landed at a crazy crowded airport, Justin Bieber fans have been stalking him as well, asking questions about the location and time of the dinner.

That’s when Guns N’ Roses guitarist thought it would be a good idea to invite Justin Bieber to a strip bar where they could actually have fun. However, the 16-year-old musician had to decline this offer since he had to go to bed early and his mother was with him at the time.

While revealing the hilarious story, Slash actually revealed that he didn’t know much about Justin Bieber before that funny incident, however, the two built a somewhat relationship after and learned more about each other which was promising for their fans at the time.

You can see the interview below.