The Common Points Between Axl Rose And Muhammad Ali


Muhammad Ali has been considered one of the most influential and talented people of all time. He has inspired countless young people, searching for their life purpose, both as a professional boxer and human rights activist. Even though he was the greatest boxer of all time, he refused to partake in the Vietnam War and wasn’t afraid of losing his titles. Thus, he was a fearless warrior who was fighting against oppressive authority.

Another rebel against all kinds of authorities, Axl Rose, was born twenty years after Muhammad Ali. He has also become an inspiring figure for young people with his success and dedication. Axl Rose had a difficult childhood but still dedicated himself to rock music and eventually became the frontman of the legendary rock band Guns N’ Roses. So, it seems that there are several common points between them.

What Are Similarities Between Axl Rose and Muhammad Ali?


As a person who spotted some similarities between Muhammad Ali and Axl Rose, the band’s former manager Alan Riven drew attention to their commons values and characteristics. He defined both of them as champions who were able to preserve their uniqueness throughout their careers by not copying anyone to gain more fame and popularity.

In Former Guns N’ Roses manager Alan Niven’s words, he said:

“I saw them both as anti-authoritarian. I saw them both as champions of individuality, champions of the worth of every individual.

In terms of fame, I think there was a similarity – they were both heavyweights. I think their fame qualified them as major citizens of the world.”

In addition to their uniqueness and individuality, Muhammad Ali and Axl Rose are both their field’s heavyweights, and they became worldwide known champions. As a result, it can be said that there are many common points between them considering their sense of individuality, being rebels, and being the best at their jobs.