The Band Brian May Would Have Joined If Queen Failed To Succeed

Brian May, Queen’s iconic guitarist is known for his talents in guitar, songwriting, and his remarkable contribution to the music industry. The term ‘jack of all trades’ fits the rockstar perfectly as he has been doing a lot of work in other areas in life than music. Graduating from mathematics and physics in college, May managed his scientific career and musical life in a big success and gained worldwide respect.

If Freddie Mercury is regarded as an icon worldwide, May is not considered as anything less. Currently, he is still in touch with his music and has a Ph.D. degree studying ‘Reflected light from interplanetary dust and the velocity of dust in the plane of the Solar System.’ Even though he caught a lot of fame throughout the years, he was able to balance the two of his interests in life with an inspirational determination.

Speaking of success, what if Queen wasn’t successful as it is today? Freddie Mercury would certainly find a way to remain in the music industry for sure, but what about the other members of the band? Since all the members were also involved in their college work, it wouldn’t be difficult for them to shift into another area. However, Brian May addressed this subject in 2012 and told his fans that he would still be in a band which is quite different than Queen.

Brian May Would Have Liked To Be In AC/DC

May fits into the uniqueness of the band Queen perfectly, but according to him, the other band that achieved this uniqueness is AC/DC. He mentioned his interest in the music of the Australian rock band in a 2012 interview even though AC/DC is quite different from Queen in terms of adopting a certain style of music. Queen’s style varied and they always avoid to adapt a certain genre, however, AC/DC’s songs are recognized everywhere as the ‘AC/DC sound’ and apparently, May respects this a lot.

Here is how Brian stated he would like to be in AC/DC if Queen didn’t make it:

I’d have probably liked to be in AC/DC. But I’m the wrong sort of size and shape, unfortunately. Because it’s different from Queen. Queen was very eclectic. That’s the word, isn’t it? We just trampled over every boundary that there was but, AC/DC are in a sense the opposite, they know their style, it’s incredibly pure, and I have great respect for that. And every single note they play is AC/DC completely. Maybe that would be it.”

Even though May stated that he is the ‘wrong shape and size‘ to be in the iconic hard rock band, being a jack of all trades, he would make it as a member of AC/DC without a doubt. Considering the fact that he used to not sticking to a certain sound with Queen, it might have been difficult for Brian to adapt to a certain style but at least he would still be involved in music if his tenure with Queen ended earlier than expected.